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Corporal Punishment Essay

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Sevak Boghossian
BCOM 275
May 18, 2014
Corporal Punishment

Corporal Punishment
Corporal punishment is the inflicting of pain due to disciplinary reasons. Even though it
shows discipline, corporal punishment of kids is bad because it can lead to legal troubles and it
can cause health issues to the child and lead to the child having bad after effects. It should be
banned and alternative ways should be used. Corporal punishment has many pros and cons.
Corporal punishment has reasons why it can be good, one reason why corporal
punishment can be good it that it can teach morals and values to the children. It can teach the
child what is wrong at what is right. It is faster effective way where the child learns its lesson.
Corporal punishment also shows power and it puts fear inside of the child.
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It puts them in a position where they develop strange
methods of hurting themselves more, for example they can start to cut themselves or they can
start abusing heavy drugs. Another con can be that as the child gets older the can become more
of a violent type, they can grow up to abuse others physically or mentally. They can grow up and
inflict the same physical pain to the parents. “Increases the probability of children assaulting the
parent in retaliation, especially as they grow older” (Paintal). Having a child which becomes
very physical and abusive can lead to many things that they will commit in life.
Banning such a method is something that should be considered by everyone, different
ways and methods should be used to solve problems. Other effective ways can be researched and
used to teach a the child from right to wrong. “Teach children conflict resolution and mediation
skills, including listening actively, speaking clearly, showing trust and being trustworthy,
accepting differences, setting group goals, negotiating, and mediating conflicts ” (Paintal).
Violence is not a solution that should be always used.
Corporal punishment is a method that should be banned and other things ways to should
be considered many people in this society have gone through it and have affected them in many
different bad ways. It should be method that should not practice whether it is in school, home or


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