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Running Head: MANAGEMENT


Week 1 Discussion 1
New world managers are more competent as compared to the old world. This is because new world managers can solve more problems as compared to old world ones. New world managers are more experienced. New world managers also go through learning programs that enable them to be more competent in managing their subjects. Based on the result of my questionnaire I will fit more in the new world. This is because I have the experience needed to carry out my duties. I have undergone training on how to manage a company or organization just like any other new world manager. Of the ...view middle of the document...

They also do this so as to ensure that their employees are able to deal with change whenever it occurs. Organizations are changed into learning organization whenever there are changes in the organization, for example, if new technology is introduced. It is important to balance personnel management and technology management. This is because there is need for the two go hand in hand. An imbalance will lead to underperformance. This is because the two depend on each other to perform well (Jemielniak & Kociatkiewicz, 2008).
Week 2 Discussion 1
The management has a great impact on the organization culture. Management practices determine how people behave in an organization. Being a manager of the local Wal-Mart it is mandatory that one keep check of the external and the internal environment. External environment factors such as competitors will determine the strategies employed so as to beat them. Internal factors such as the relationship between employees will determine the performance of the store. External environment has more impact on the organization than internal environment. This is because internal environment factors are controllable whereas external environment factors are incontrollable. It is important to combine performance and value when establishing an organization culture. The value of the organization should be considered because it will determine the image of the organization in the outside world. Performance should also be considered because it is only through good performance that an organization can survive.
Week 2 Discussion 2
There are various environmental factors that impact on global business. These are competition, culture and economic factors. One must ensure that he or she understands customer culture of the country he or she is targeting. One should also ensure that he or she knows his or her competitors in a particular region before entering the market. An analysis of the economic situation of the country is also important so as to ascertain if the economy in the targeted country is suitable for his or...

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Corona Beer Essay

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