Corn, Broccoli, Grass Or Balanced Essay

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About a century ago, there was not an epidemic of diet-related illness, a bizarre account of destroyed farmland, dead zones in our oceans created by chemical run-off spilling into the waterways, and there sure was not millions of people questioning the moral ethics of their diet. In the Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals, the author Michael Pollan goes on a journey to investigate the sources of the nation’s food supply, for which who are coincidentally responsible for those hazardous predicaments that the nation is facing. In the investigational journal, Pollan explores the industrial food chain, in which supplies food so complex that it would take an expert’s help to ...view middle of the document...

In the industrial food chain, every product is derived from corn or soybeans, or in other words sugar and fats. Industrial food products are basically overloaded rearrangements of sugar and fats, corn and soybeans (Pollan 164-167). This overkill of corn and soybeans thrive the body to store unused calories and to start to make the body management of glucose (turned sugar) malfunction. Thus, the results are alleviating obesity, Type II diabetes, heart disease, and other diet-related illness (Pollan 107). Meat is not left out of the industrial food system’s rampage. Feedlots and CAFOs have become primal because of corn. Animals that are not naturally evolved to eat corn are fed corn regardless (Pollan 68). This is menacing to the human health because animals get sick from this diet, and get treated with antibiotics. The consumption of this meat can makes humans immune to certain antibiotics. If that not worst enough, the environment that slaughter animals are raised in creates bacteria such as Escherichia Coli OLS7:H7, which is an bacteria that is derived from animals’ manure and is as acidic as the human stomach, so it can deteriorate human kidneys and ultimately kill (Pollan 82). With this knowledge, many people feel as if they are gambling when eating industrialized meat, and decide not to wager at all, often moral reason regarding animal suffering are taking in consideration, and people practice vegetarian or vegan diet. Vegetarian position is to not eat meat while vegans avoid all products that have animal based ingredients, but both positions have their faults. Animals’ meat contains some nutrients that the body requires, and foods that are plant based are often lacking nutrients such as protein, iron, vitamins, and minerals (Magnesi). It is possible to get these nutrients from other sources and through supplements, but it have to be the right amount. Since too little or too much of these nutrients is perilous to a person’s health, for which it can possibly cause health issues, probably less severe, like feedlot poultry can (Magnesi). This is where the problem start when it comes to deciding whether to eat meat or to not eat meat since between the two there is no clear declaration of what is a health diet. A healthy diet is a balanced diet filled with nutrients that is ethically and traditionally produced. The only way to get such agriculture is from a sustainable farm, a farm where animals get to live accordingly to their natures and to all appearances do not suffer (Pollan 327). Historically speaking, this is the type of farm our ancestors have operated in order for our specie to evolved into the anthropocentric creatures that we are today (Pollan 320). Practicing the farming techniques that our ancestors had or just the technique used before the industrial food chain revolution would eliminate and decease some of the diet-related health issue that the nation is currently facing. Traditional farms raise animals without industrialize...

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