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Core Self Evaluation Essay

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Below are several statements with which you may agree or disagree. Using the response scale below, indicate your level of agreement or disagreement with each statement. Write your level of agreement in the left-hand column (e.g., write one number, from 1-5, in the left hand column). You will use the right hand column to score once you have completed the survey.

Rating Scale

|1 |Strongly disagree |
|2 |Disagree |
|3 |Neutral |
|4 |Agree |
|5 |Strongly agree ...view middle of the document...

For all even items (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12), give yourself 1 point if you circled 5, 2 points if you circled 4, 3 points if you circled 3, 4 points if you circled 2, and 5 points if you circled 1.

For all the other questions, give yourself 5 points if you circled 5, 4 points if you 4, 3 points if you circled 3, 2 points if you circled 2, and 1 point if you circled 1.

For instance, for item #2 if you gave yourself a ‘4’ (meaning that you agree that you sometimes feel depressed), then re-write a ‘2’ in the right hand column. If you gave yourself a ‘2’ for item #3, (meaning that you do disagree with the statement that when you try you generally succeed), then you should re-write a ‘2’ in the right hand column.

Nobody likes to do performance appraisals (PA's). Nobody! Not even the Human Resources department. For them, it is a constant struggle to get line managers to do them on time. And there has scarcely been a client of mine that wasn't in the process of revising their PA process. It always "needs updating," or "we're moving to a competency-based approach," or "our objective this year is to update the form."
So, why do so many organizations do (or at least go through the motions of doing) them? Well, they will tell you, a PA fosters better individual performance … it enhances communications and understanding between the manager and her staff … it motivates people … it enables the manager to coach and develop his employee … without it how would we determine compensation? …besides, we need documentation in case we have to discipline or fire an employee.
Abolishing Performance Appraisals boldly presents the skeptical position of a growing number of managers, human resource professionals, consultants and researchers: PA's don't do what they are purported to do AND they cause a lot of other damage in the meantime. Coens and Jenkins may be right. Perhaps PA is a toxic process for people - especially employees - to go through. Maybe the emperor is, in fact, wearing no clothes! Take a look at their case:
First of all, they list a number of false assumptions underlying the PA process, such as:
• A mandatory, organization-wide, one-size-fits-all annual face-to-face feedback process is effective for just about everyone in all functions and groups;
• All our managers have the requisite interpersonal skills and sensitivity to give feedback accurately and counsel around emotional reactions to the feedback;
• The boss has the prime responsibility for ensuring the employee performs and develops himself;
• Ratings are objective enough to be perceived as fair and to motivate effort;
• PA's are objective enough to stand up in court;
• People will withhold performance if they are not appraised and rewarded annually (i.e. they need their PA "fix" or they won't continue to produce).
The authors' chief contention is that the PA is a controlling, boss-driven, demeaning, and dependence-building device that, if anything,...

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