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Core Competency Essay

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COLLABORATION AND TEAMWORK | CORE COMPETENCY 1:Establishes collaborative relationship with colleagues and other members of the health team | 1. Contributes to decision making regarding patients’ needs and concerns. 2. Participates actively in patients’ care management including audit. 3. Recommends appropriate intervention to improve patient care. 4. Respect for the role of other members of the health team. 5. Maintains good interpersonal relationship with patients, colleagues and other members of the health team. | 1.1 Suggest health care needs based on patients’ assessment to other health ...view middle of the document...

4.3 Internalize the need for respect and self-respect is deeply connected. It is impossible to respect ourselveswithout respecting others and to respect others withoutrespecting ourselves 4.4 Recognize the training of other health care team4.5Understands the skills and education of various team members contributes to respect5.1 Speaking well about co workers and other members of health care team5.2 Allowing patients’ relatives and patients to verbalize their feelings 5.3 Listening and understanding patient’s needs and does appropriate action for each woe5.4 Having conferences and brainstorming sessions regarding patients cases and accepting each other ideas and recommendations5.5 Respects and accepts other health care team members by being polite and acting professionally at the area. |
| CORE COMPETENCY 2:Collaborates plan of care with other members of the health team | 1. Refers patient to allied health team partners 2. Acts as a liaison/advocate of the patient 3. Prepares accurate documentation for efficient communication of services. | 1.1 Proper referral of patients to other health care team1.2 Coordinates with the pharmacy department regarding patients medications 1.3 Gives complete data and information regarding referred patients1.4 Explains to patient why referrals are necessary to...

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