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Corcord Bookstore Organizational Change Essay

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Concord Bookstore Organizational Change
Brian Steensen
March 18, 2013
Virginia Weatherston, BS, MAS

Concord Bookstore Organizational Change
The 64-year- independent Concord bookstore underwent a period of upheaval created by the owners of the store not considering how the change in management without consulting the current staff and management could produce negative feedback from the employees. The owners showed that they need to improve their understanding of how organizational change should occur to produce positive outcomes (Spector, 2010, p. 2).
The situation the owners were responding to was the increase in competition from chain bookstores and Internet sales. They ...view middle of the document...

The owners did not give the employee’s any sense of urgency of the financial situation critical for change to have any success in transition. In acting unilaterally the owners ensured that the change process would fail to have the desired results. As the Concord owner’s previous hands off approach to management of the store is shown by the long work histories of managers and staff. They did not create an atmosphere that was conductive to any changes (Borkowski, 2005, p. 384-385). In this case as there was no instilling a vision of the necessity of the change it lead to failure. The owners sought to skip the first stage of the change process that would have helped the employees to help understand the need for the second process of change (Borkowski, 2005, p. 385).
Rather than the owners understanding the reason for following the change process in bringing in a new general manager it eradicated the special considerations that had made the store unique. One employee who quit after working there 18 years had a hard time understanding how the dispute got out of hand but by the old staff leaving the store...

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