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Coral Sea Hotels Highlander Mt Hagen

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Highlander Hotel & Apartments- Mt Hagen


Highlander Hotel is located in Western Highlands Province in Papua New Guinea, and is a brand member of the Coral Sea Hotels under Steamship’s Group of Companies The vital motive of the organisation is to provide hospitality service. The Coral Sea Group of Hotels has been established since 1973. However there has been a massive refurbishment plan which is in evident today and their facilities cater to a varied market including local patronage and International Tourist. The change recently made offers first class facilities to the discerning consumers, and include a new wing room, a new Restaurant, Kitchen ...view middle of the document...

1. Regional Manager- Is the overseer of the entire organization. He is responsible for the day to day operation of the hotel and oversees the hotel operation.
2. Assistance Manager – Make sure all staff attendance to their duties, and assist the Regional manager carry out management roles of the hotel by reporting and overseas all departments.
3. HR Co-ordinators – It coordinates and employee recruitment and manages employees
4. Administration Front Office Manageress - Basically looks after the front office and must be able to attend to all queries in the reservation person, accounts, reception and staff queries. She is responsible for supervising all duties for the front desk and also

requiring excellent communication and leadership skills. Reports to the Assistance Manager
5. Head Chef- Oversees the operation of the kitchen make change to menu and improve menu prize.
6. F&B Manager- He oversees the activities that take place under Food & Beverage Department
7. Maintenance Supervisor- It coordinates the maintenance team
8. Housekeeper- Is responsible for the laundry, housekeeping and the room attendant, to make sure everything’s is in order.
9. Duty Manager- Reports to the assistance manager on everyday’s duties.
10. Night Manager- Looks after the night operations and report back to the Assistance manager in the morning.
11. Duty/Assistant Manageress: make sure all the staff attends to their duties; make sure there are enough goods in stock etc….and generally looks after all the staff and reports to the hotel’s General Manager.
* Accounts: Responsible for receivables, payables and oversees admin department.
* Purchase: Does purchasing for the Hotel, i.e. order items needed for the running of the hotel in the event that the stock is down. Reports to the Duty/Admin Manageress.
* Receptionist: Checking in and out and up-date guest’s ledger. Has to have clerical knowledge. This s to know how to use the phone and dial between extensions, cash handlings and receipting; has to be computer literate etc…
* Driver: Does hotel runs banking, airport pickups and drop off.
* Reservation: Does bookings for the clients or guest who will/ are staying over at the Pacific Gardens Hotel. Reservations can be made based on the availability of rooms. Information need for making the reservation; check in and checkout dates, company/privates and methods of payments etc……
* Handy man: Does the general maintenance within the hotel area.
* Restaurant supervisor: Looks after the kitchen and Restaurant staff. Reports to the F&B Manager.
* Housekeeping supervisors: looking after the housekeeping house ladies and is responsible for sheets/ linens, mattresses and inventory of new housing items etc….and reports to the Duty/ Admin Manageress.

* Laundry supervisor: responsible washing and ironing of hotel’s linen and guests clothes ready to be...

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