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Coral Reef Bleaching Essay

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The coral bleaching from different perspectives

Coral reefs are highly productive ecosystem that also habitats for coastal animals and offer services to human communities (Kubicek, Muhando and Reuter 2012, p. 1). Coral reefs are places for many fishes and other living creatures in the sea to hide and live. Coral reefs also have a huge impact to human communities. Coral reefs and the beauty of living creatures that live within them have become major attraction for tourist and income for local communities. Unfortunately, human activities have caused coral reefs destroyed because of activities such as overfishing, diving, chemical pollution, reef mining and many other things ...view middle of the document...

But through prevention and precautions, coral reefs can be restored started from even the smallest awareness. This essay will discuss the impact of coral bleaching viewed from different perspectives and giving out the implementation of solution to this issue.

Science and social science
Coral reefs are the most vulnerable environments to climate change because they are constructed from unconsolidated sediments that can be easily affected by waves and natural disasters (Perry et al 2011, p. 3679). From science perspective, coral reefs are seen as major indicator to determine the stability of coastal ecosystem. Coral reefs formed by sediments that is get easily affected by future sea-level, environmental changes and human activities. When there are changes in the water composition which affected by pollution, the ecosystem will get damaged and contaminated with dangerous chemical. In Great Barrier Reef, Australia, it is proven that the degradation of coastal ecosystem has a connection with the changes in nutrients and pesticides (Kroon et al 2012, p. 167). The contamination caused by pesticides and pollution will increase the thickness of the water, and will also increase the nutrients that enhance growth of other organism which can harm coral reefs.
Global warming that has been a big issue all over the world and coral bleaching is one of the most important things to consider because it connects to all living creatures in the ocean. According to Fuentes et al (cited in Perry et al 2011, p. 3679) reef islands formed the only habitable land in some island in Indian and Pacific Ocean, and have been the only habitats for many endemic and threatened species and terrestrial amphibians, mammals and reptiles. Studies have shown that there is a positive relationship between the coral reef and the abundance and diversity of the fish populations (McClanahan and Arthur 2001, p. 559). Coral reefs have been used as the dwelling place of the reef fishes and other living creatures under the sea. When coral reefs have become a major dependence for coastal creatures, its stability and existence become an important issue to consider. Changes in volume, sediment, nutrients, and pollutants such as pesticides and heavy metals that are thrown into the water have disrupted the wholeness of coral reefs and the stability of coastal ecosystem (Kroon et al 2012, p. 167). Contaminated water composition will destroy coral reefs, and will also destroy the fish population that lives there. It is also proved that coral bleaching will lead to socioeconomic losses because of impacts to coastal fisheries, tourism and other ecosystem services (Cesar 2000 cited in Yeemin et al 2012).

Indigenous people
According to Oxford Dictionaries, indigenous means native people or people who are originated from particular place. Coral reefs are also plays important roles for indigenous people, people who are live near the shore and build their life there. Indigenous people are highly...

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