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Copmare Tow Airlines Web Sits Essay

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Services Marketing

Web Site Evaluation

I choose Saudi Airlines and Emirates Airlines. Airlines businesses are an example of services business. I'll compare the two organizations according to their web sites.

1. The first criteria is User-friendliness:
* Saudi Airlines: it's has been improved the last years. The site was so unprofessional and the use of it was only to read about the Airlines without any services to offer. However the site now a days is more effective and able the users to interact with the services they provide such booking and issuing the boarding. As I visit the tow sites I think Saudi airlines web site is friendlier than Emirates. It easy to use and to contact ...view middle of the document...

* Saudi Airlines:
* Information: full of information about the organization, well organize and easy to access.
* Consultation: the best in giving directions and steps to use online services.
* Order-Taking: Step-by-step Online booking that allow the customer to issue the tickets from the site.
* Payment: easy and direct. After booking the customer can go immediately to the last step which is paying the total vies. as must web sites you can use your credit card or visa. it offer Sadad services as well for payment

* Emirates Airline:
* Information: contain information about the services
* Consultation:
* Order-Taking: allow customers to make out reservations and issuing the boarding as well as payment.
* Payment:

3. Overall effectiveness and suggestions for improvement on specific dimensions

The overall effectiveness for the both sites is great. They are well done to achieve their purposes. But I think that Emirates Airline needs to be easier to use as we go through the differences Saudi Airlines is easier to use. However Emirates has a better design, layouts and graphics. I suggest for Saudi airlines to use more colorful layouts....

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