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Yes, our nation is fully prepared to handle any national disasters.1.At first the Revenue Dept and concerned Engineering Dept,highways, P.W.D. or water board like that and local bodies like Panchayat or municipality or corporation , as the case may be, of respective STATE GOVERNMENT handles initially,when it goes beyond their handling magnitude, at request or on cabinet advice the UNION GOVERNMENT OF INDIA plunges into action, by despaching a contingent of central force or if necessary ARMY or NAVY or AIRFORCE OR ALL the three wings of defence will be pressed into action. In addition the elite Commandos are always ready to take up any situation.What we have to do is just render our possible ...view middle of the document...

"We do have all the necessary equipments. What we do lack is heavy machinery because we don't have the means to transport them. For earthquakes, we have wall cutters, cameras that can go underground and other such sophisticated items. In case of a flood, we are adequately equipped with boats," he said. 

When it comes to early warning systems, the NDMA has one in place in the Indian Ocean for tsunami or flood alerts. "We also have an early warning system for earthquakes in prone areas. Once these potential disasters are detected, it goes as an SMS to all members in the NDMA, including the district level authorities," Sinha said.
According to the NDMA, many states in the country are well prepared to handle disasters. For example, Gujarat and Maharashtra, in the aftermath of Bhuj and Latuir earthquakes, have bettered their disaster management.

"These two states respond well to our guidelines and are willing to set up infrastructure to tackle the aftermath of disasters. Hilly states like Assam and Nagaland are also prepared. There are some states in the country, which I would not like to name, that have a sluggish attitude towards our suggestions. Their attitude is more like let us see when it happens. That definitely has to change," Sinha warned.
he NDMA says when it comes to floods, most states and areas prone to the disaster can survive.

"Coastal areas in the country are well prepared in case a...

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