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Convenience Or Quality? Essay

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One evening, I went with my family to eat at a restaurant called The Olive Garden. When we arrived, we went inside only to find that we had to wait for one hour before a table would become available. My family and I had to stand outside of the restaurant for a good portion of this time. While I was standing there, I looked across the street and noticed that there were five fast food restaurants surrounding the shopping center. These places had no line in them and people were seated and enjoying their meals. This made it very tempting to just ditch the restaurant, walk across the street, and start eating.

Fast food is everywhere. Most people in the United States cannot travel more than a ...view middle of the document...

You are able to pay less, wait less, and you are able to walk away with a full stomach. The quality of the fast food is not always the best. By quality I mean the presentation and taste of the food. It is generally known that restaurants present their food better and the taste is also better.

Fast food is very efficient because of the time you save by stopping at one of these places. People don't have to go to a certain restaurant to get the type of food that they want because fast food offers a huge selection. People are able to get whatever kind of meat they want at a fast food place. People can order beef hamburgers, fish fillets, chicken breasts, pork (Boston Market I believe), and have it cooked any way they want. They can have it fried, grilled, rare, well-done, etc... For people on diets they can choose to have a healthy salad. Some places now offer low carbohydrates foods on their menus. When people have finished their main course, they can get dessert. People can choose many kinds of desserts ranging from ice cream to cookies. This is a full course meal that could be potentially healthy

The cost of fast food is generally cheap. People can get a meal that consists of a hamburger, drink, and fries for about five dollars. If they didn't want to spend this much all they needed to do is look at the value menu that most places have. People can order multiple items from this and only spend about three dollars for a large amount of food. The Dollar Menu makes it easy for people, especially kids, who can't afford expensive things on the menu and still want some filling food.

The service in a fast food restaurant is also mandatory. In a supermarket, the people have to wait in line until they can be checked out. Sometimes this can be a very long wait. In fast food lines the wait is not as long. This is especially true in the drive through lines; fast food restaurants even have counters to let the employees know if someone has been waiting too long. Granted, in supermarkets, sometimes there is no one in line and people are checkout instantly but generally speaking, fast food lines are faster.

Restaurants offer many types of food also. For good restaurants, there is often wait. In a restaurant you have to pay a lot more money for the food. The cost of most restaurant food is often quite expensive. Their prices range from about 6-15 dollars. Some of these meals are huge and some of the meals are very small; therefore, sometimes you have to order two dishes. The service at a restaurant is much better than the service at a local fast food place. In a restaurant the employees treat you better and you are able to have conversations with them. In a fast food place the service is close to minimum only because you aren't paying for the service like a restaurant (you also don't have to leave tips). The preparation of the food in a restaurant is often better and it comes out on a steaming plate. In a fast food place it comes out in a bag and is...

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