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Controversies: Necessary? Essay

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I found it interesting when someone quoted that we are in the pages of mid-history, undergoing downward spiral progression. We are most certainly in this era of modernism, where freedom of speech is exercised at large through various platforms. The controversies that keep arising due to people expressing their opinions in public doesn’t require any introductions. So, are we evolving to be insensible to others feelings? Or are others pretending to be hurt and making unwanted issues over nothing?

Be it the film industry, be it from literature society, be it the cartoonists or be it youngsters who update status messages over current affairs, somebody somewhere in the world or in their country is not happy with what they are doing. The recent controversy and ban over Salman Rushdie’s book-cum-movie “Midnight’s children”, clearly depicts the degree of our exercise over right to expression. The author exercises it to put down his ...view middle of the document...

Though a nation wide awakening symbolizes unity and the success of advancements in technology, it makes us wonder at times whether they are particularly necessary.
The state wide protests and the jeopardy created due to the postponement of the release of ‘Vishwaroopam’, the film, in TN, unnecessarily invited government interference. It also led to empty cinema halls all over the cities in the state as people were afraid of the ongoing protests, which affected the other movies’ collections. The protests even involved damaging the theater for not picturing the movie on date.

Maybe what we couldn’t notice is that many of us are becoming neurotic. It is, in a way, good to stand for what you believe in, but it could prove right should it welcome only peace. Also I think our generation is missing the base matter of a lot of issues. Why are you told not to do certain things? Why is it considered wrong what you consider as wrong? We are merely taught facts without any reason and we keep following them. We can see ourselves moving away from traditional to an open kind of society (entirely, I’m not included the right/left divisions here), and nothing is wrong with that. But evolution doesn’t completely transform something to the other. Evolution is when you leave behind what is not needed anymore and change to suit the changing environment. What I’m trying to say is that, we are missing that connection. We have become more of innovative beings than creative ones. Moreover, this whole article is also telling you how confused I am at this time of my life.

Getting back to media, what I would like to suggest it that, coming to know that this is how people are going to exercise their right to speech, the censor boards have to clarify and intervene all possible perspectives before the project’s release. The people are undoubtedly the most powerful, and one can’t ultimately blame them entirely for such situations and controversies. But that doesn’t mean everything can be excused. Therefore, at an individual level also, let us discuss and think before voicing out our opinions in public. Because expressing how hurt you are could also hurt somebody.

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