Controversial Tv Advertising Essay

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As a society in general, we have put to much blame on our television sets for things that ourselves, and our children do.

I. We seem to try and take the blame of actions that we ourselves are creating and put the blame on our television sets.

A. "Pinnell is concerned that despite its strong system of self-regulation, advertising still gets the blame for a lot of society's ills." (Simms, 2004, p.20).

1. Recently a neighborhood friend, whose child hit the other child, claimed that they got it from a cartoon they had recently watched.

2. After a rash of school shootings people were looking to go after the video game world for making violence seem fun.

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3. This is a good example of how powerful advertising can be, and obviously advertisers and company CEOs know this.

B. "Modern American adults view children as creatures to be protected from the consumer market and, at the same time, as recipients of consumer spending in a process that has gradually undermined traditional bourgeois paths to maturity." (Cross, 2002, p. 2).

1. We seem as a society to be so protective of our children, but yet when we are raising them we always are telling them to grow up or act their age.

2. I believe that we are giving them mixed signals, do we want to protect them and let them be kids, or do we want them to act like little adults, it seems we want it both ways.

III. Who is it that is really hurting our society, or is it our televisions that are under attack.

A. "Â…television as a marketing medium is pure and simple. It has terrific reach, great entertainment value and a captive audience." (Liodice, 2005, paragraph 1).

1. Without TV advertisements or TV for that matter I believe that this country would not be what it is today.

2. We need to find a happy medium between what we are going to except as a society on TV, and what we are also going to except as a society with what happens in our daily lives

B. In junior college I took a couple of classes one of which was Philosophy Ethics, the main thing I remember learning in this class was that Ethics are black and white there is no grey area.

1. If we as the parents aren't going to practice what we preach and say to our kids you shouldn't be watching this and then when they go to bed we turn the program back on then how can we expect our kids to learn.

2. I have always tried to teach by example, if at work some of my coworkers are not busy then a lot of the time I will make sure I am busy, when you lead by example results...

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