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Controversial Social Issues Essay

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Aldous Huxley captures the effect of the application of scientific methods to procedures in the modern American society to a more substantial degree than ever, recognized by readers of his novel, Brave New World. This portrays a world centered around scientific progress and control. Huxley brings to light the extremity of influence given to Americans by revolutionary science. In an effort to forever improve, society has conformed to many ways of fixing imperfections. From surgeries and medications for honest sicklings to injections for greedy, pretentious abusers, people as a whole have transformed from the good ole days to the fast-paced, materialistic world. While discoveries in science ...view middle of the document...

Science isn’t the one to be held responsible, rather the insecurities of certain mishandlers. Currently, “The most common procedures teens choose include nose reshaping, ear surgery, acne and acne scar treatment, and breast reduction” (Plastic Surgery). None of these surgeries were to occur under the circumstances that the goal was to become completely plastic. Many children do suffer from certain deformities including cleft palate but due to the mistreatment of plastic surgeons, they become automatically stereotyped if they are operated on. Still, children suffering continue with operations in order to ensure their health. Overall, plastic surgery is actually beneficial when used in purposeful settings.

​Tracing back to the beginning, plastic surgeons were mainly used to repair deformity in people. To this day, it is still well appreciated for its ability to cure. As the rate of adoption of children from foreign countries increases, so does the likelihood of children in need of medical cosmetics. Blemishes requiring surgery are quite wide ranged, but cleft palate is the most recognized. “Cleft palate [occurs] in about 1 or 2 of every 1000 babies born in the United States every year, making it one of the most common major birth defects” (Cleft Lip and Palate). Science has developed methods that allow for the perfection of the lip defect; this has also encouraged a larger percentage of the population to adopt frequently. More than just cosmetic issues, being born with a cleft palate makes everything, from drinking a glass of water to having a conversation, a struggle. “Cleft…palate can be associated with other problems, including feeding difficulties, middle ear buildup and hearing loss, dental abnormalities and speech difficulties” (Cleft Lip and Palate). Considering the hardships of some cases, procedures such as surgery are evidently beneficial. “The goal of surgery is to create a palate that works well for speech” (Cleft Lip and Palate). By providing these kids with a solution, they receive the chance to live a normal life. Patients who are suffering with this condition discover a new appreciation for the sciences when they are presented with the opportunity to have an operation as life changing as one for cleft palate. It is occasions as such that convince more children to take part in giving others hope by joining in the science and medical fields so they may one day give others a second chance. The realm of science in hospitals is one that has been positively meshed into the lives of those who would have otherwise been working on completing their bucket list. In the past, many people were uneducated; now, most of the population is informed on consequences and prevention of common diseases through the different programs and associations developed over time.

​Cancer is a much more serious and advanced topic than any others in the realm of science in the medical field. Since a total cure has yet to be developed, society has turned to...

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