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Controversial Game Essay

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Paintball, a fast paced, adrenaline pumping game, is a world-renowned sport and is growing popularity faster than several other top sports. Paintball is a very controversial sport because of the safety of the game. Mothers and parents worry about the safety of their child when it comes to playing a game that deals with a gun.
Paintball players share in common a love for adventure and a strong competitive spirit. Paintball is a combination of the childhood games "tag" and "hide & seek," but is much more challenging and sophisticated. Paintball is a sport played by people from all professions and life styles. It is a sport where women and men compete equally, and where age is not dominated ...view middle of the document...

Neck protectors and vests are also optional if you feel like it. Most people would probably be surprised to learn that players and referees take extra care to make sure that all the players are safe in a game.
One of the worst things a kid can ask for, for Christmas is a gun of any sort. Look at the movie, “The Christmas Story”, the little boy ask for a bb gun and look at the crap he got for it. Paintball guns are actually classified as markers not guns, because they mark people, like in a game of tag. In paintball there is a variety of different essential and non-essential pieces of equipment. Some of the more essential items include, the paintball gun (marker), paintballs, CO2 tank, hopper, and then there's the safety equipment. It can be a little expensive but physical sports don’t have accessories that are cheap.
A lot of people think paintball is only for "gun crazy" maniacs. Well that is an incorrect statement. The definition of "gun" is, "Any weapon that discharges shot, shells, or other bullet by the explosion of gun powder or some other explosive from a strait tube." Paintball markers operate in a very different way. Paintballs are propelled out of the barrel by air, not any type of explosive, and paintball markers are not weapons. Paintball markers are also extremely hard...

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