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Controlling A Management Guide Essay

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Unit 5 IP – A Managers Guide
Aaron Shaw
American Intercontinental University

To follow we will create a managers guide for new and incoming managers in a new Internet Service Provider or ISP. The intent of our guide is lay out expectations for new managers to be successful in the company and specifically address planning, organizing, leadership, control and the external environment.

Section1 - The External Environment
As a manager at Just Web Inc you will play an important role in assessing the external environment. It will be important for you to understand your role in the customer’s needs through these assessments. Theses assessments will give you a baseline to ...view middle of the document...

Planning is defined as “defining an organizations goals, establishing and overall strategy for achieving those goals, and developing plans to integrate and coordinate work activities” (Robbins & Coulter, 2009). This will be a primary responsibility as you go throughout your workload.
As you evaluate the planning style you are going to use, it is important that you understand that each of the two contemporary styles we mentioned have pros and cons; along with specific applications of each. In comparison, both styles of planning set clear goals. They outline steps to complete the goal and both are great tools for managers to use when planning. In contrast, both have stark differences.
Scenario planning is very situational. It requires several plans to deal with potential different outcomes. Project management allows a manager to revisit the plan throughout the project and make adjustments as needed for different situations that should arise. Scenario planning is very rigid to an individual task while project management has several small projects that go towards a larger scale project. The scenario style of planning is very much an if than that style. Project management utilizes the seven step process we discussed earlier to reevaluate the project as it works to completion. Finally, the Project management style involves a project manager that runs the project to completion in situations that are not normal everyday business where scenario style uses no project manager but is more suited to everyday business situations that arise (Robbins & Coulter, 2009). Make sure to understand the likes and differences because they will make a difference in your approach in the task.
Section 3 - Organizing
Not only are you expected to be organized as an individual, but it is important that you understand our organization style and how it helps us directly serve customers and stay relevant in the technology and ISP industry. We are an organization with a structure set up as what is termed a hybrid organization; meaning it will be rigid in some aspects like a...

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