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Controllers: responsible for safeguarding the firms assets

- ensures conpliance with with financial and regulatory requirements worldwide
- support revenue-producing divisions of the firm while partering with Operations and Technology
- Measurs profitability of the firms increasingly complex products and services.

-prepare internal and external finnancial information for the firm, inckluding annual report
and press and reguatory filings in all jurisdictions.

Corporate Controller:

- Prepare firms quarterly and annual SEC filings
- Monitor firmwide revenues and non-compensation expenses
- Evaluate new acquisitions, structured trades and other transaction to ...view middle of the document...

Those who join us will be able to operate at a fast pace and in a constantly changing risk environment.

Market Risk Strategies is responsible for designing and implementing market risk measurement models as well as approving pricing models used by the firm.
The group is comprised of two teams: Risk Modeling and Derivatives Analysis.

Risk Modeling is the core group that designs and implements all risk models for our trading portfolio, including VaR models, stress testing and hedging analysis.
We are looking for people who have strong quantitative and technological training.

Derivatives Analysis consists of derivatives modeling experts focused on the risk management of exotic derivatives.
The group assesses and quantifies model risk, approves all pricing models and advises senior management on the risks associated with particularly large and complex transactions.

Corporate Risk is responsible for calculating, monitoring and reporting our market risk capital to regulators.
By attributing risk capital to individual trading businesses, the group also plays a direct role in the strategic risk/reward decision-making process.

There are various other Controllers Groups which include but are not limited to:

-Controllers Technology Office/ Financial Systems & Analysis

- New Productsd

- Tax

- Corporate Treasury

- Liquidity Risk Management


- Capital Management


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