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Control Essential Essay

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1. Describe the kind and strategies of control applied by your manager to control the employees' job. Be specific by showing examples. In case you are not working, please, refer to your last job.
Controls can be classified according to the time at which the control is applied to the activity-before, during or after. My last job was in OCASA, my manager was Lisebel Sardinas she is a good manager, she gave me the responsibility on my jobs and tasks day by day, the time elements in controls that I considered she used inside the company is the Feedback controls; the major reason is because she evaluate an activity after it is performed, as example every Friday after 12 pm I did a report, and ...view middle of the document...

If a company don’t involve in a strategy o control, the control converts in the enemy of the customers, and at the end the profit come down and the company loss the image and good performance for others.

2. Evaluate the control system applied by your manager by following the 9 characteristics of effective controls. According to the result of this analysis, please, suggest how to improve it.

a. The control must be accepted, as I said in my example the control was done every Friday, sometimes was frustrated for me, and is not a excuse but sometimes the check doesn’t come because the customers don’t want to pay, but not because I don’t do the job, for me the control must follow in the same form to correct the errors on time but should be flexible to the employees which at the end of the week conclude at least the seventy percent of your tasks.

b. The control measures must be appropriate and meaningful; in OCASA the control measures to the accounting department bring the opportunity to gain incentives such as a weekend in Orlando, Sabine Island and others, each six months Lisebel Sardinas General Manager of accounting gave the new tasks and goals for each of those, at the end of those six months we already know if we can participate in this.

c. An effective control measure provide diagnostic information, if controls are to improve performance, they must help people correct deviations for performance. In my example I think if OCASA doesn’t have a feedback control showing employees what is the error every week when they like to correct is too late, and the company can be broke and come as a poor company. The effective control for OCASA can be measure how the liquidate activity is in the company and what is the economic position front of the suppliers.

d. Effective controls allow for self-feedback and self-control. A self administrative control system saves considerable time. Employees can do much of their own controlling if the system permits them access to their own feedback. One of the things that I think OCASA need to add in order to bring a better quality of jobs to the employees, is the knowledge of how the customer have a...

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