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Control And The Mobile Work Case Study Analysis

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Case for critical thinking: Control and the mobile worker: rethinking IT devices in the workplace

1. The case outlines several ideas that organisations are using to capitalise on changes in technology and preferences of employees to work remotely. How does the concept of management control relate to this?

The concept of management control directly relates to the several ideas that organisations are using to capitalise changes in technology and preferences of employees working remotely. These ideas are through emphasis on using the people, resources and technology to the best advantage. An example of displaying a full advantage of technology advances would be videoconferencing over the ...view middle of the document...

Savings in cost can be obtained through the employees using their own resources at home instead of using the organisations resources. This allows for savings on office furniture, office supplies and the increased use of technology can allow savings in finding large real estate for the organisations site of operations by finding a small site due to less employees physically being at work. Now that the organisation has

saved costs in these areas, they can now directly focus more spending on other areas such as a higher quality service standard as well as utilising all of their resources to their maximum potential.

3. How can an organisation implement inventory control by making use of its smartphones?

The perfect inventory is one that is just the right size to meet performance needs. Inventory can be defined by the amount of materials or products held and purchased by an organisation with intention of selling them. Using the smartphone for inventory control can be an extremely simple and easy way for a user to track, check and replenish stock/materials. So simple that all it would take is a simple download of an app. This app can be used to ‘reorder’ stock when each inventory falls below a certain level and can be programmed to only do so when the inventory levels falls to an exact point where the costs in...

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