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Contrasting Kings Essay

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Every honorable story written has two characters that contrast one another. It makes for a fascinating addition to the plot and makes the reader think. In William Shakespeare's, Macbeth, one can compare Malcolm, the rightful heir to the throne, to Macbeth, the soldier and Thane who murders his way to kingship. One can plainly see that these two characters are different in almost every way. Motivation is a key part in being a great ruler. Without motivation, one will accomplish nothing. Motivation is defined as the force that drives one to action. In, Macbeth, motivation is one distinct difference between Malcolm and Macbeth. Malcolm is motivated by his strong sense of morality and his ...view middle of the document...

Another key characteristic of a great ruler is the ability to rule in a lawful, yet kind way. One must not only be the leader of the people, but also a friend to the people. One must either be liked, or dethroned.Malcolm and Macbeth differ, in that, Malcolm would rule justifiably and kindly. As the son of Duncan, the people already like him. Malcolm looks out for the best interest of society. Macbeth, on the other hand, rules with a harsh hand. His main priority is not the well being of society, but the well being of Macbeth. He does not care what happens to his people, as long as he remains in power. The last remaining quality found in all great rulers is manipulation.The ability to manipulate people and surroundings to one's liking is key.Malcolm shows his manipulative side when a conversation between him and Macduff occurs in England. Malcolm questions Macduff's reasoning for coming to England and finding him. He wonders if Macduff has come to persuade him into returning to Scotland, only so Macbeth and his followers can murder him also. Malcolm then makes himself out to look bad so that Macduff will not want him to come back, that is, if he honestly wants him to come to Scotland to rule. Therefore Malcolm only used his ability to manipulate others in a search for truth.A staunchless avarice that, were I King, I should cut off the...

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