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Contradicting Scientific Methods Essay

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Faith vs. science. Is there a contradiction between faith in God and science?

Faith in God and belief in science will never contradict if God, in fact, exists and is the Creator of the universe. If God is the Creator of the universe, and there is ample evidence that He is, then science is just knowledge or a system of knowledge covering general truths about His creation. If God doesn't exist, then faith and science will contradict since science is the search for facts about the cosmos. For those with faith, however, science can be one of our greatest forms of worship.

Science is mankind's attempt to understand how the world works. The scientific method is one of the greatest tools to ...view middle of the document...

That which cannot be proven is not fact; it is either theory or historical report. Much practical good has been accomplished on the basis of theory alone. Humans went into space with only a theory about the effects of zero-gravity on bodies and equipment. Drugs and medical treatments are developed every year based on theories. But, again, theory is not fact. Because of this, we cannot know for certain what has happened in the past based on science alone. Even if we could develop life in a lab, it would not tell us in all certainty how life first developed in the history of the world. It is not observable. Similarly, anything too small or too far away to observe cannot be known with certainty. We know that if we drop something, it will fall. And we can infer that the large mass of a planet causes a star to wobble. But the mechanism of gravity is still only a theory. And until we can observe the planet, we cannot assert its existence affirmatively.

The area in which science and faith more fully collide is in the realm of ethics. Science has no ethic. The...

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