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Continuous Assessment Essay

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II-1- systematic nature of continuous assessment...…………………………….…....………4
II-2-Comprehensive nature of continuous assessment………………………………...….….4
II-3-Cumulative nature of continuous assessment………………………………….………..4
II-4-Guidance-oriented nature of continuous assessment………………………...……….…4
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Continuous assessment could be defined as a mechanism whereby the final grading of learners in the cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains of learning systematically takes account of all their performances during a given period of schooling (Falayalo, 1986). Assessment in the cognitive domain is associated with the process of knowledge and understanding. The affective domain applies to characteristics such as attitudes, motives, interests, and other personality traits. Assessment in the psychomotor domain involves assessing the learners’ ability to use his or her hands (e.g. in handwriting, construction and projects).
Another definition by Airasian (1991) describes continuous assessment as an assessment approach which should depict the full range of sources and methods teachers use to gather, interpret and synthesise information about learners; information that is used to help teachers understand their learners, plan and monitor instruction and establish a viable classroom culture. On their own part, Baker and Stites (1991) opined that continuous assessment should involve a formal assessment of learners’ affective characteristics and motivation, in which they will need to demonstrate their commitment to tasks over time, their work-force readiness and their competence in team or group performance contexts.
From these definitions, one could infer that continuous assessment is an assessment approach which involves the use of a variety of assessment instruments, assessing various components of learning, not only the thinking processes but including behaviours, personality traits and manual dexterity. Continuous assessment will also take place over a period of time. Such an approach would be more holistic, representing the learner in his/her entirety. It will begin with the decisions that the teachers perform on the first day of school and end with the decisions that the teachers and administrators make on the learners regarding end-of-year grading and promotion.
Continuous Assessment will however, not be successful without the dutiful commitment, diligence and sacrifice on the part of teachers. The task is difficult and calls for dedicated objectivity and handwork on the part of the teachers, counselors and everybody involved in the education of the child.


The following are the characteristics of continuous assessment.

 Systematic
 Comprehensive
 Cumulative
 Guidance –Oriented

II-1- systematic nature of continuous assessment:

Continuous assessment is said to be systematic in the sense that it requires an operational plan which indicates what measurement are to be made of the pupils’ performance, at what time intervals or times during the school year, the measurements are to be made and the results recorded, and the nature of the tools or instruments to be used in the measurements.

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