Continuing Education Essay

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September 22, 2014

Continuing Education
In order to be successful in my education one of the most helpful things to understand is what learning style I possess. I believe it is also important for me to set goals, be aware of my learning style and utilize all of my educational resources and support systems. Learning the material in a way that I can apply it in real life is also key to considering myself educated.
My writing style is doing or active experimentation. Active Experimentation is defined as; indicates your preference for applying ideas, using trial and error, and practicing what you learn, you probably enjoy hands-on activities that allow you to test out ideas to see ...view middle of the document...

When I set small goals that are leading up to a larger goals, it makes it seem less intimidating. For example, my small goal is to do well on this assignment. The next goal this leads to is being successful in this class, with the ultimate goal being to do well in this program. With every goal that I reach, my ultimate destination does not seem as far away. I will reach my goals by making sure I reward myself for every smaller goal I reach. This will motivate me to continue doing the best I can in school. I will avoid setting unrealistic goals so I will not have to feel disappointed in myself if I cannot fulfill these goals by the deadline. I can also set personal deadlines that are totally different than the education deadlines. Goals are sometimes are area that I may struggle with because I have a horrible tendency to procrastinate. I find myself constantly putting off tasks that have to be completed until the very last minute possible. This bad habit has been a burden on me since high school and maybe even before then. I always try to tell myself I am not going to let it happen anymore, but sure enough each time something comes up and I convince myself that I will have plenty of time to complete my assignments later. Each day I do this until finally I have no more time to put off and end up spending hours trying to rush through all of my work. I am working hard to fight this habit and it has been a difficult road however I am hopeful that as I further my education I will be able to find coping methods and make it over all of my goal setting hurdles.
Some of the resources available to help me be successful school are professors, my advisor, the internet, books, and family members. Professors are helpful because they are able to help me understand concepts that I am having trouble learning. They can also give me tips on how to be successful in their class. My advisor is a great resource to me because he always keeps in contact with me and is always eager to answer my questions. Having somebody there to help me through and encourage me the way he does helps me keep my motivation to move forward. The internet and books are great resources because I can use them any time and almost every place I go. The online library provided by the university is very useful when I need different kinds of information on a topic. My family member help me reach my...

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