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Contention Of Islam And Christianity Essay

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Contention between the Islam and the west
The Islam world and the west are two civilizations that have been closely entangled in the last fourteen centuries. It is a history full with disagreement and conflict, antagonism and dispute, approval and detestation, recognition and denunciation among other conflictings. Despite the perceptions of Islam and the west, the opinions of those in both Muslim and western worlds have been shaped by these histories. That’s why relations between Islam and the West never lose significance in our world. A short synopsis of this extensive history discloses three facets of interaction; religious, cultural, and political.
1. The Religious Dispute.
Islam describes itself to be the last of the three immense Abraham faith societies. The Qurʾān and ḥadīth which are the two lawful foundations of Islam and the scholarly traditions disclose a ...view middle of the document...

He thus suggested an unanticipated meeting, a contraferentia, of Christian and Muslim intellectuals to talk about theology. This meeting never occurred, but it was brought up by Nicholas of Cusa (d. 1464) in De Pace Fidei, in which he imagined a meeting of Jews, Arabs, Indians, Persians, Armenians, Syrians and Turks finally recognizing the Christian legitimacy.
2. Cultural Split.
Culture is also a challenged part in the history of Islam world and the West. The power of Islamic culture and civilization in the medieval Europe was influential and overwhelming. The Medieval Europeans hated the Islam religion but accepted their culture and society. Muslim philosophers, theologians, scientists, poets, storytellers and artists, made way into the European cultural setting from the 9th through the 19th century.
3. Political world.
Islam's clash with the Byzantine Empire was a breaking point occasion in both Islamic and European history . The first Muslim community favored the Byzantine Empire over the rival Sassanid Empire since the former was Christian. Its Christian king Heraclius was admired in early Islamic study. Henri Pirenne's thesis; Mohammed and Charlemagne (English translation, 1939) is worth contemplation. The Islamic capture of the 8th and 9th centuries impacted on the creation of Europe, hence studying the Mediterranean, the Balkans and Western Europe histories without considering the north and west extension of different and vast Muslim empires would be futile.
In conclusion,

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