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Content And Description Of Courses In Economics Department At The University Of Jos

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100 level Compulsory Courses:
ECO 112 and 122 – Economic Theory and Principles I & II
As introduction to the various issues, the nature of economic science, the methodology of economics, major areas of specialization in economics, historical development of economic ideas, major findings in the various areas of specialization , elementary principles of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, current issues of interest and probable future development.

ECO 111 and 121 – Introduction to Statistics I & II
Definition and scope of Statistics, use of statistics in everyday life, levels of measurement in social sciences, Distributions and comparisons, Types and ...view middle of the document...

Supply and demand theories; Cobweb theory; Introductory dynamics; Consumer Behaviour; General equilibrium of exchange; Production theory; Cost curves; Pricing and Output under perfect competition; Imperfect competition; Monopoly and Monopolistic competition; Pricing of production factors; The comparative theory of costs.

ECO 212 & 222 – Macroeconomics I & II
Macroeconomics theory; National Income Accounting; Macroeconomic aggregates; The classical system; The Keynesian system; Monetarist system; Domestic economic stabilization; Monetary and fiscal policies; Price control and Inflation.

ECO 213 & 223 – Mathematics for Economists I & II
The derivatives of trigonometric functions; Sequences and series; Expansions; Taylor’s theorem; Mathematical analysis of basic theories of economics; Partial and total derivatives; differential and difference equations; Application of partial derivatives; Maxima and minima; LaGrange multiplier; Linear algebra; Matrix algebra; Inverse matrix; Simultaneous linear equations; Introduction to linear programming; Input-output analysis; etc.

ECO 214 & 224 – History and Structure of the Nigerian Economy I & II
Analysis of development in the pre-colonial periods with regard to development of economic and social organizations; role of agriculture, industry, monetization and banking, and international trade in Nigerian economic development; Growth of income, employment, wages and prices; Public Development institutions; National income and expenditure; Monetary and fiscal policies; Monetary institutions; Trade; Transport system; Contribution of sectors of the Nigerian economy to national output, relationship between these sectors; Role of national institutions; Economic development and social change.

ECO 215- History of Economic Thought I
Comparative survey and assessment of development in economic thought; Classical economics; Neoclassical school of thought; Positive and welfare schools of economic thought, institutional economics; Keynesian school of economic thought; Evolution and contemporary development of Marxian school of economic thought; Contemporary stage of development in economics and future prospects.

ECO 216 & 226 – Introductory Statistics I & II
The role and significance of statistics in social research; the logic of basic and inferential statistics; Sampling distribution points and integral estimates of parameters; The logic of hypothesis testing; Tests of significance for normal, ordinary, interval, and ratio level; Measures of association for normal, ordinary , interval, and ratio levels; Simple regression analysis; Index numbers; Time series; growth surveys.

ECO 219 – Principles of Finance
The Scope and nature of finance; Major sources of financing for business such as short, medium, and long term sources; Financial ratio analysis; The cost of capital; Dividend policy; Financial planning and control budgeting; Financial markets in Nigeria in both money and capital markets; Capital...

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