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Contemporary Hrm Report

3378 words - 14 pages

Robert Gordon University
Aberdeen Business School

Contemporary HRM

International Tourism Management
Year 3

Submission deadline: 3rd May 2013
Lecturers Responsible: Allison Abbott and Kirstine Collins
Module Number: BS2104

Word Count: 2179

Executive summary

The subject of this report is the ‘war for talent’ phenomenon and its implication on talent management practices. Its first section presents the aim and objectives and the utilised methods of research. In the second chapter called ‘What is talent’, various definitions from different angles are provided for a better understanding of the main topic of the report. The third chapter analyses the ‘war for ...view middle of the document...

1 Concept 6
3.2 Criticism 7
4.0 Talent management: a mandatory ‘toolkit’ to fight the ‘war for talent’ 8
4.1 Talent management models 8
4.2 Performance 9
4.3 Potential 10
5.0 The ‘war for talent’ on a global scale 11
5.1 Globalisation: impacts on the ‘war for talent’ 11
5.2 Case study: talent management issues in Poland 12
Conclusion 13
Reference list 14

List of figures

*Figure 1 adapted from Minbaeva and Collings’ seven myths of talent management framework illustrating briefly these seven myths 7
*Figure 2 adapted from Bratton and Gold’s Human Resource Management: Theory & Practice illustrating a 2D talent management model graph 8
*Figure 3 adapted from Clutterbuck’s The Talent Wave presenting the nine-box grid model 9
*Figure 4 adapted from Geert Hofstede’s official website illustrating both Poland and UK’s cultural dimensions 13

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Background

‘The war for talent’ concept has attracted many pro and con academic work, especially regarding McKinzey & Co’s revolutionary approach towards talent management and talent retention. Each individual possesses a set of skills and aptitudes inherited throughout his/her childhood. Nurturing these characteristics depend to an extent on the individual itself and the society that surrounds him. At some stage in his/her life however, especially during his/her career, it will depend very much on the work-place’s managerial practices relating talent identification, talent recruitment and even talent retention.
Talent and the expected talent shortages within firms have determined the emergence of a new field of study and research as a reaction to the so called ‘war for talent’: talent management.

1.2 Aims and objectives

The aim of this report is to critically explain, discuss and analyse the ‘war for talent’ phenomenon along with its impacts on modern managerial and HR practices.

1.3 Methods

In the attempt of writing this report various sources have been used such as books and journals which focused on the ‘war for talent’ and ‘talent management’. Information has been consulted equidistant and with an objective eye so that no bias would exist towards one or another author’s opinion. In addition, Geert Hofstede’s official website has been consulted in order to create a clear comparison between Poland’s and UK’s cultural indexes used to assist the case study.
2.0 What is ‘talent’?

There are a few notions which need to be clarified before penetrating the concept of the term ‘war for talent’. One is the meaning of the very word ‘talent’.
Talent has been a highly controverted word over the last century. For years, common wisdom suggested that all children develop along the same curve and some were just slower than others. In the...

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