Contemporary Challenges Facing The Child Population In Bulgaria

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Contemporary challenges facing the child population in Bulgaria related to health and safe future are troubling and complex. This necessitates the need to create an effective system of security and child care, which focuses on preventing cumulative effect of several risk factors.

Therefore, the growing importance for the society of so-called "economically active" children, whose number is constantly increasing, is directed to identify and address the multiple problems associated with the significant social phenomenon - child labour. In this connection we should emphasize and add it to the many characteristics of childhood, representing a risk, vulnerable period of human life. The ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, the growing importance for the society of the so-called "economically active" children, whose number is constantly growing, is directed to identify and address the multiple issues associated with social phenomena - child labour. In this regard we must emphasize and add to the many characteristics of childhood, representing a risk, vulnerable period of biological life.

The specificity of these children as demographic, age and biosocial group outlines the ways and the means of characterizing the extent of the problem - child labour, its spread and prevention measures.

Their design in adequate sector policies (eg dangerous child labour in construction, agriculture, transport, etc.) aims to promote health and safety conditions restricting professional risks.

Purpose of the study:

Therefore, this study is based and includes important requirements related to conditions of child labour. Leading importance in the development of policy and action to ensure health and safety is the optimization of working conditions and to provide adequate protection for working children. Health and safety at work is one of the most important aspects of social policy in the European Union.

Main tasks:

Study of risk factors and reasons for using child labour;

Characteristic shape and dimensions of child labour;

Effects of early initiation of work;

To highlight the main contemporary challenges facing health of children.

Results and discussion

The right to health and safety is a fundamental constitutional rights of citizens in Bulgaria. Art. 275 of the Labor Code states: "The employer is obliged to provide safe and healthy working conditions so that risks to life and health of the employee to be removed, reduced or limited."

This is the starting point and having a key role in characterizing the safety and health hazard for the growing organism. Studying this risk part of the child's community, there are negative consequences of early initiation of work-related health, physical and mental development.

Undoubtedly this is a priority tool for forming a systematic, integrated and coordinated approach to ensuring healthy development of a supportive work environment. Thus can delineate the space for defining and addressing a number of preventive practices to resolve the different risk situations.

For example, in a WHO study conducted in Europe is found that around one third of the diseases among children aged under 18 years can be attributed to unhealthy and dangerous working conditions and lives, leading to significant social and economic costs.

It is also found that trauma, accidents, poisoning and others account for about one sixth of disease and mortality in the pediatric population in Europe. The results of the study "Problems of Child Labour in terms of transformation in Bulgaria" (with the financial support of the International Labour Organization) show that at present from 856.022 children aged 7 to 18 years...

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