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Contemporary American Society Essay

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A peer-reviewed academic journal article that is a beneficial resource to our

pursuit of seeking how education and social classes intertwine is an article called An

Inside Look at Education and Poverty by Carol M. Swain. We will be discussing three

key points from this peer-reviewed academic journal article. The first of the three

key points that we will be discussing is the black/white achievement gap in

educational performance that affects every economic level. The second key point

that we will be discussing problems plaguing lower-class Americans. The third and

final key point is a list of recommendations presented Carol Swain to improve the K-

12 educational experience for low-income students.

The first key point is discussing is the black/white achievement gap in

educational performance that affects every economic level. African American

children reared in families earning $50,000/year score no better than ...view middle of the document...

Problems plaguing lower-class Americans are our second key point. Swain

lists six different problems. The first problem is that, in the lower class, there are

often dysfunctional and abusive homes where education is not valued. A lack of

parental involvement because of disinterest or work obligations is also a problem in

lower class Americans. The third problem is that there is a failure of students

developing effective studying skills.

Our fourth problem is found in negative peer pressure about the value of

learning. Environmental conditions such as living in high crime, high noise area, or

not having a quiet place and time to study is the fifth problem of lower-class

Americans. The sixth and final problem of this list is poor nutritional factors that

affect ability to concentrate as well as IQ and levels of motivation. These problems

are all important to factor in when we look at education, social class, and how they

both affect each other.

Finally, our last key point of the peer-reviewed academic journal article is a

few policy recommendations given by Carol Swain after consultation with a few

educators. We will discuss the overlay of the five policy recommendations. These

five are: smaller classes and devoted teachers, gender-based classrooms, vocational

education, school uniforms, and school choice. Swain discusses how these five

recommendations can truly help the development of students and this would in turn

positively affect that student’s social class positioning. There are many benefits to

recommendations such as these.

Three key points from this peer-reviewed academic journal article will be the

most useful as we seek to see how education and social class are intertwined. As

mentioned earlier, the first of the three key points that we will be discussing is the

black/white achievement gap in educational performance that affects every

economic level. The second key point that we will be discussing problems plaguing

lower-class Americans. The third and final key point is a list of recommendations

presented Carol Swain to improve the K-12 educational experience for low-income


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