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Consumer Traits And Behavior Essay

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Consumer traits and behavior
Team A

Consumer traits and behavior
Several topics will be discussed throughout this presentation starting with psychological and social processes that may influence consumer behavior. It has been determined that the consumer play the role of demander and care receiver through good harmony with consumer behavior as the bases of emotion. The corporation plays the role of supplier and philanthropist, through effective corporate strategy and policies based on reason. Finally public policy plays the role of guider and regulator based on the law. The dynamic relationships among consumer behavior, corporate strategy, and public policy ...view middle of the document...

If a consumers believes that a firm has high moral standards then there is
the assumption that the products will be of high quality. The other factors are individual
including economic resources, knowledge, and attitudes towards products motivation,
personalities, values, and the lifestyle of the consumers.
Public policy's objective is to improve the economic structure as well as to promote
supply/demand efficiency. It is an expensive way to regulate corporate strategy, on the other
hand it protects consumers. According to Stone (1975) the nature of law itself makes it
insufficient to achieve corporate social responsibility and many corporations do not regard law
as the final judgment of their ethical standards. As noted by Bowie (1999), there is a problem of
time difference in legal regulation, in that laws may be enacted only after serious damage has
already occurred. Consumer behavior plays the role of demander, and is the driving force in the
economical development, corporate innovations and reform. Too often consumer behavior takes
on the role of a disadvantaged minority, when social services and consumer behavior is regarded
as powerless and passive when compared to corporate strategy and public policy. Corporate
strategy takes on the role of supplier when ever customer behavior and innovations to improve
profits are observed. It has to take care of normal operations and consider social welfare,
resulting in public policy taking on a philanthropic role.
Also, consumer psychology recognizes that businesses are having real difficulties in
reaching the consumers and the criteria by which their purchasing preferences are dictated. The
analysis focuses on color preferences of boys and girls aged between six and nine. It is believed
that there is a psychological effect of color (it is important to know that color is not the only
factor is important when companies try to sell a product) on human beings and how its use has
become an important marketing tool.
It is believed that physical, emotional, and cultural needs in the contemporary consumption
of clothing according to Liu and Ma (2007). Further it is believed that there is a correlation
between the color preferences and feelings of children combined with the fact that the most
significant factors affecting people when choosing clothing is the color because it is the most
striking and the most memorable characteristic of the clothing. Firms are at a disadvantage
compared to their competitors if they do not work with the appropriate data on prediction of
color trends or cannot interpret such data well. In today's society and technological changes
children's gender identities are formed at an earlier age and this is expressed by the
differentiation of garments colors according to gender (Picariello, Greenberg, & Pillemer, 1990).
The feature of the design is affected largely by the...

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