Consumer Prefernce Towards Tupperware Products Essay

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Consumer Behavior

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To understand the various factors influencing behavior of consumers – as individuals and as members of a group/society, and also the impact of consumerism in the contemporary environment.
To understand the behavior of consumers – decision making, post-purchase behavior, ...view middle of the document...

Framework of Consumer Behavior – Internal Influences, External Influences, Self-Concept & Life Style and Decision Process. Interdisciplinary subject encompassing concepts from psychology, sociology, anthropology, micro-economics and organizational (buying) behavior. Applications of Consumer Behavior.

Consumerism & Consumer Behavior in the Contemporary Environment: Consumer movement & consumer rights. Concerns of consumers – government regulations & role of non-government organizations in addressing the same. Changing face of consumer behavior under the new scenario of globalization, technological changes, new retailing environment, etc.


Personality and Self Concept in Consumer Behavior: Aspects of Personality & Impact on Consumer Behavior. Personality Theories – Freudian, Neo-Freudian and Trait Theories, Consumer Personality & Brand Personality, Self Concept – Types & Applications

Consumer Needs & Motivation: Needs & Wants, Latent & Manifest Motives in a Purchase Situation, Maslow’s Needs & Consumer Behavior, Trio of Needs Theory, Motivation Theories - Optimum Stimulation, Hedonic Experiences, maintaining behavioral freedom, avoiding risk, attributing causality. Motivational Conflict, Motivational Research.

Consumer Perception: Perception Process & Involvement, Sensation & Sensory Thresholds, Sensory Overload & Selective Perception, Use of Gestalt Principles in Marketing Communications, Common Perceptions of Colours, Interpretation – Semiotics. Perceived Risk. Perceptual Positioning & Perceptual Mapping.

Consumer Attitude Formation & Change: Attitude functions. Tri-component attitude model, hierarchies of attitude components. Multi-attribute attitude models. Attitude measurement. Changing consumer attitudes.

Consumer Learning: Applications of behavioral learning theories (classical conditioning & operant conditioning) and cognitive learning theories (iconic rote, vicarious/modeling and reasoning/analogy) to consumer behavior.


Reference Groups & Opinion Leadership: Consumer socialization & consumption community. Types of reference groups, their nature of power & influence. Effect of reference groups on product & brand purchase. Opinion leaders – their role & types. Identifying opinion leaders and market mavens.

Family, Gender & Age Influences: Family decision making roles, conflicts and their resolution. Role of gender and age in family decision making. Family life cycle and consumer decisions.

Social Class & Consumer Behavior: Social class – its components & impact on consumer behavior. Measuring social class, India’s socio-economic classification. Influence of social mobility on consumer behavior. Targeting the poor & the rich, status symbols & conspicuous consumption.

Cultural Influences on Consumer Behavior: Characteristics of culture, application of cultural learning & rituals in consumer behavior. Types of sub-cultures in the Indian...

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