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Consumer Perceptions And Behaviour Essay

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Volume 1, Issue 3 (December, 2010)

ISSN 2229-4104

Assistant Professor in Management Sciences S. N. S. College of Engineering Coimbatore. Pin Code – 641 107. Tamil Nadu State, India.

Assistant Professor in Business Administration Alagappa Government Arts College Karaikudi. Pin Code – 630 003. Tamil Nadu State.

Assistant Professor in Commerce Directorate of Distance Education Alagappa University, Karaikudi. Pin Code - 630 003. Tamil Nadu State.

In recent days India is witnessing a change in ...view middle of the document...

The following tools were used in testing the hypotheses and in the analysis of the data. Descriptive statistical tools such as Percentage, Mean, Median and Standard deviation have been used to describe the profiles of consumers, preferred product attributes and level of satisfaction. ANOVA, t-Test and F-Test have been used to test the significant differences between the groups of respondents in their perception and satisfaction for selected independent variables like age, sex and income. Chi-Square test has been used to test the association between the consumer demographic characteristics and preferred product attributes and satisfaction. Multiple regression analysis has been used to study the influence of income and lifestyle on overall satisfaction level of the Sri Krishna International Research & Educational Consortium -37-


Volume 1, Issue 3 (December, 2010)

ISSN 2229-4104

respondents. Correlation analysis has been used to establish the relationship between ‘the factors which influenced the purchase’ and ‘the factors which favoured the level of satisfaction’. Factor analysis is employed to identify the key factors responsible for the consumers’ purchase of cars and level of satisfaction after purchase. Cluster analysis has been used to identify the consumers with similar tastes and preferences with respect to purchase of car. The study throws light on various features that the manufacturers should concentrate on to attract the prospective buyers. This study concludes that consumer behaviour plays a vital role in marketing cars and there is more scope for extensive research in this area.

Human beings, in general, are complex creatures who often do not seem even to know their own minds. It is seldom easy, and sometimes impossible, to generalize about human behaviour. Each individual is a unique product of heredity, environment and experience. Predicting such a strange behaviour of people is a difficult and complicated task, filled with uncertainties, risks, and surprises. Accurate predictions can yield vast fortunes and inaccurate predictions can result in the loss of millions of rupees. Today, business around the world recognizes that „the consumer is the king‟. Knowing why and how people consume products helps marketers to understand how to improve existing products, what types of products are needed in the market place, or how to attract consumers to buy their products. The era of liberalization, privatization and globalization has brought changes in society and lifestyle of people. Marketers can justify their existence only when they are able to understand consumers‟ wants and satisfy them. The modern marketing concept for successful management of a firm requires marketers to consider the consumer as the focal point of their business activity. Although it is important for the firm to understand the buyer and accordingly evolve its marketing strategy, the buyer or consumer continues...

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