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Consumer Buying Behaviour Essay

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UnderstandingConsumer Buying Behaviour through Observation
Report Submitted to:
Instructor: Prof. Saral Mukherjee
Academic Associate:
Group 12, Section C
Srishti Shaw
Darla Sravan
Rahul Dalia
Ravish Vasan
13 August 2012
CATEGORY #1: Multi Brand Store
SHOP: Croma, Himalaya Mall, Ahmedabad
The retail shop had a wide range of products including electronic items, mobile phones and home appliances. The section dedicated to mobile phones featured handsets of major brands like Apple, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Sony and Motorola. Customers had a wide range of models to ...view middle of the document...

The family was assisted by a sales man who showed them the various options available in the low cost segment. They ended up buying a Nokia Asha 200 phone.
* There was an elderly man in early 60s looking for a mobile phone for his son, about 20 years of age. They looked quite affluent and it was clear from their behaviour that price was not a consideration for them. They were brand conscious, looking only at 2 high end brands of their choice. It appeared that the son had already done his research on the phones that he would like to buy, questioning the salesperson assisting them about the various features currently available and that can be added to the phones under consideration. The salesmen, on their part, looked particularly devoted to these two persons as they seemed like a big potential customer. They ultimately bought a Sony Xperia phone.
Overall, we felt that the customer’s purchase behaviour was determined by their motivations. Some people bought the phone because of necessity while others were more driven by style quotient and a desire to have the model that is currently in vogue. Both sets of people, though, seemed sure about the features that they wanted in their respective mobiles. The advice given by salespersons around played an important role in the decision making process.
CATEGORY #2: Single Brand Store
SHOP 1: [Apple Store], [Address]
The showroom boasted of the latest product line from Apple and had products including the latest iPhones, iPads, iPod, earphones and other apple products. The products were neatly displayed. There was one salesperson to assist customers and one person acting as the cashier. One unique feature of the showroom was the presence of a fewer customers in the store, probably because of the high price nature of the products.
* We saw a group of school boys laying their hands on the latest iPhone models, probably with no intention of purchasing the phone. They were keenly exploring the features offered by Apple in its latest iPhone model. The salesmen in the showroom also paid less attention to the group and replied only when approached.
* There was a girl accompanied by her friend checking out the latest iPhone model. She looked pre-decided on the model she wanted to buy and focussed only on one particular model – iPhone 4S 8 GBand did not pay much attention to others. The salesman assisting her explained the various features available on the phone, which she listened keenly to. Color of the hand set was also an important criterion in her decision making. Ultimately she bought a white iPhone 4S.
* We also observed 2 formally dressed gentlemen interested in buying an iPhone. They seemed to know the model that they would buy and enquired only about features such as warranty, battery life, camera resolution and yellowgate (a faint yellow discoloring of the screen). They did not spend much time in the showroom and after some explanations by the salesperson purchased the phone and left.


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