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Consumer Behavior Homework Exercise Essay

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Consumer Behavior Homework Exercise

Problem Recognition: Occurs whenever a consumer sees a significant difference between his or her current state of affairs and some desired or ideal state. e.g. My dad notices his TV is getting old and outdated, some pixels are dying and the image is no longer very clear and bright.
Information Search: Step of the decision-making process in which the consumer checks his memory and surveys the environment to identify what options are out there to solve his problem. e.g He does some market research through google and looks for TV’s on websites that sell electronics. He reads customer reviews on the products and checks for the best price on the market ...view middle of the document...

For me, as a college student, the college campus is a big factor and also time to look and search for college.
Psychological: My father enjoys mountain biking and hiking, he likes to watch Korean TV shows, he does not have any political opinion, and he is a christian. These are some of his AIOs (Activities, Interests and Opinions) and based on them I concluded that he does not need a very expensive television, because he is active and likes sports and is always busy. However he does occasionally watch TV shows, therefore he would be influenced to purchase a affordable but big TV. For me, when choosing a college, I research about activities that the university offered and things that I could take advantage of during my college years beside academics.
Personal: As mentioned above, my dad does not spend much time watching TV. So personally for him, he would not spend too much money on a new 50 inch HDTV. Based on his personality and behaviors, he would choose a cheaper TV.
Social: My father is the owner of a small business in the biggest city of Brazil. His social status gives him more options on which televisions to buy. He does not care much about status and showing off his properties so he would not want to buy the biggest and shiniest television.
Cultural Influences: Even though my parents live in Brazil, they are originally from South Korea. They come from a poor family background so they did not have televisions growing up. So, TV’s were not a big part of their lives and of their culture so the need for one is not very big. In Universities I would look at cultural diversity on campus.

The determinant decision criteria from a value point of view would be the price. The first thing that my dad looks in a product is the price and then he looks at features and compares both by doing the cost-benefit analysis. The factors that would most influence my father in purchasing a TV would be social and psychological because he has the power to purchase a TV’s and even though he does not always watch it, he feels there is a need to own one due to his personal activities and interests.
Purchasing a television and...

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