Consumer Behavior Analysis

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Assessment Part B & C

Product / Service: Airline - Cathay Pacific Airways Limited

Topic (Group (or External) Influence: CLASS & VALS Grouping

With a product, or in this case, service such as an airline, class becomes a very sensitive and curious aspect to analyse and look into. Specifically with Cathay Pacific Airways being a relatively high-end market oriented airline, class tends to be more highlighted. We can safely presume that with ads such as the ones given below, that the airline is speaking to the upper market and upper middle class; needless to say, the more elite members of society. Let’s take into good consideration aspects like Education, Income, Society and Occupation ...view middle of the document...

With this brand, the target audience would be those who are of high-income earning, ultra corporate people who are in the higher steps of the corporate ladder, those who manage their own businesses, entrepreneurs, and who both work and are responsible for providing their family’s needs. We can say that based on the ads of the said service, they are seeing the market as people who value things like comfort, quality and special service, luxuries and the finer things in life, and of course, they value their ego, sense of power and prestige. It may not be laid down as a black and white thing, but these members feel that they do deserve such service because of the hard work they do with their occupation or jobs. Whether it be a business trip or a leisure trip, they want to be treated with value and importance. The income comes in here, too. You can’t advertise this way (see below sample of Ads) if you are aiming for the working class. You advertise in such a way that there is an assumption that your market doesn’t go lower than business class or first class. That is why it is important to segment the market first to ensure that a particular ad is executed sensibly and effectively. Also, by promoting the service this way, you subtly give your market that massage in their ego because you’re sending them the message that says, “You deserve something as luxurious as this.” Sometimes, in Advertising or Marketing, it’s not just what they’re buying, it’s what they’re buying into; in this case, the sense of class, prestige and ego.

Looking into class and media habits, with the world being digital and everything happening virtually, plus the fact that the market we are considering is one that is highly educated, of a high level of income and social status, we would expect them to be living in the age of the Internet and mobile web. It is important that we know how to tap into the market and how to reach them and have them engage in the service that we are offering them to take an action on. You will notice that almost all promotions and ads of airlines are online banner ads, mobile ads or print ads that are strategically posted. This is to ensure that such services can actually penetrate the market. If they are going digital and virtual, then the ads, too, should be going with them. Basically, you can’t have the best online banner ad, beautifully animated, if you are targeting an audience who has no access to the Internet. So it is very important to look into the media habits of the market. Are they always on the Internet? In this case, yes. Do they purchase magazines? Which type? In terms of their lifestyle, we can point out that these types of people are on the go and as much as possible all their bookings and purchasing is preferably done online, like a one-stop-shop approach.

VALS Segments is essentially a system dividing the population into groups according to roughly shared values and lifestyles to assist in identifying the...

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