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Consumer Banking Essay

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Consumer Banking | February 10
| Final Project |

Submitted by:

Ahmad Nawaz L1F11BBAM2342

Ahmad Sohail

Muhammad Umer

Junaid Iqbal

Mahtab Habib

Submitted to:
Prof. Akhtar Hussain

Consumer Banking
Reasons for the bad performance:

* In advancing new loans, they granted NPLs are more than they estimated for 2011 when we compared with last year 2010. By advancing these types of loans, repayment of these loans is risky because NPLs are not use for productivity. If borrowers declared themselves bankrupt then recovery of the loans will not be confirm.
Period | Target | Achieved | % Achieved |
31-12-2011 | 104.166 Million | 175.015 M | ...view middle of the document...

Particulars | 2012 | Increase/ decrease | Percentage % | Last years2011 | 2010 |
Local Currency A/C | 263 | - 86 | - 24.64% | 349 | 371 |
Foreign currency A/c | 7 | - 2 | - 22.22% | 9 | 8 |

* Branch management increased the administrative cost as well which is 49.12% (8.060 Million) increase in 2011 as compare to 2010 (Report table 4.5 Profitability).
* They are showing bogus Balance sheet, in the statement they showed the increase in the net profit but in audit report it was decreasing trend in the net profits and it decreased to 31.95% in 2011.
Period | Target | Achieved | % Achieved |
31-12-2011 | 6.440 Million | 18.740 Million | 290.99% |
31-12-2009 | ---- | ---- | ---- |
Audit Date | 17.550 Million | 11.329 Million | - 35.44% |

* Numbers of depositors are not good as compare to last year 2010. In 2011, depositors reduced by 10.24% in audit report.
* That particular branch’s ATM service is not satisfactory.
* They are ignoring the important factor which can increase or decrease the profits that is Customer Services. In other words, they are not providing a good customer services.
Solutions of Problems facing by the Branch:-

* Branch management should offer minimum NPLs because these types of loans are not much recoverable due to unproductive allotments by borrower. So, these loans are risky.
* They must record the data immediately. If they not record the data immediately then this will be a loss at the end of the year.

* They should layoff extra employees, they can get jobs done by their maximum 2 cashiers instead 4 cashiers and must be lay off extra two cahiers, and only one messenger is perfect because it is a branch. And also layoff 2 extra executives, and should layoff extra officers as well. By doing this they can reduce their labor costs and other costs as well.


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