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Construction Of The Great Pyra Essay

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Of the three theories on how the Great Pyramid was built, in descending order of acceptability, the most suitable theory is Clifford Wilson's followed by Joseph Davidovits' and Erich Von Däniken's argument. Clifford Wilson's theory is the best because he illustrates how the pyramids were built and provides the evidence to prove his theory, however; this is unlike Joseph Davidovits' theory because Davidovits does not fully answer questions that arise concerning his theory. The three theories have similar points, but contain very different ideas on the construction of the Great Pyramid. This is obvious in Clifford Wilson's argument where he is repeatedly disproving Von Däniken's ...view middle of the document...

Although Clifford Wilson's theory is the best, there are still a few weaknesses throughout his argument. Wilson suggests that by using a system of pulleys, levers and ropes its is possible to construct the pyramid. With recent studies, it has been shown that if using a lever system as Wilson suggests, the fulcrum's height must be increased, and at certain heights, the whole lever can become unstable. Another problem that is brought up is with the use of levers and pulleys, it becomes difficult at the apex of the pyramid where there is not enough space to maneuver. Despite Clifford Wilson's negative aspects, his theory remains the most reasonable compared to the other two arguments.Joseph Davidovits discovered a simple chemical process that turned a putty mixture into stone and argues that this method was used in the construction of the Great Pyramid. Joseph Davidovits explains that the pyramid blocks were simply stone casted instead of being cut and hauled from the quarry. This is a very probable answer because all the needed materials are available. Davidovits indicates that the use of a ramp, as Clifford Wilson suggests, must have been larger than the pyramid in order to allow a slight angle for the workers to drag the blocks up. Another problem with the use of the ramp is that three are no murals at the time showing the ramps and sleds that were supposedly used to move the blocks. Davidovits demonstrates a unique method of the construction of the pyramids, but this is not as well as Wilson's theory because there are problems with Davidovits' theory.Joseph Davidovits has proved that with the right materials available, it is possible to chemically cast stone. While Davidovits proves his theory with sufficient evidence, many problems are brought up. One problem that faces Davidovits is the fact that there are spaces between each of the stone blocks. If the putty were poured against the other blocks, there would be no spaces at all. Researches have also found tool marks on the blocks, and this fact does not cohere properly to his theory because if the blocks were poured into place, there would be no need to shape or cut the blocks to size. Joseph Davidovits illustrates a unique theory of the construction method of the Great Pyramid. Despite this, he does not acknowledge or provide solid evidence to disprove negative points of his argument and because he is a chemist and not a archaeologist, he lacks the historical background that Wilson or Von Däniken posses.Of the three theories, Erich Von Däniken has the most unreasonable argument, and this is demonstrated...

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