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The most important decision I have ever made is to leave my peaceful life in my small home town of Dalat after getting a BA of English there in 1995 for Ho Chi Minh City, thinking that a young man should challenge himself in a harsher environment, pursue further education and find a good way to contribute to his community.

I started my new life in the most expensive city of Vietnam with only a bicycle and a small amount of money that could raise me in one month since my family was too poor to financially support me. It was nothing but a strong desire for a better life that helped me overcome severe difficulties in those days. I did everything to survive and pursue further education: a ...view middle of the document...

Although always appreciating VMC for giving me a chance to work in my desired advertising world, I left VMC in April 2004 to join 141 Worldwide, an agency owned by World’s leading advertising group WPP, because, with limited resources VMC could only provide execution services, creating no opportunities to learn about strategies.

1.5 years at 141 as a senior account manager equipped me with invaluable knowledge of strategic planning and personnel management when I involved in all processes from planning to executing marketing activities for our key clients British American Tobacco (BAT) and Heineken. I was also trained to manage my work effectively using globally standardized methods provided by 141 and BAT. My personnel management skills were also considerably improved since I had to manage an account manager, 2 account executives and several suppliers in my work. In addition, I could learn to well adapt into a multi-national, hence multi-cultural environment since 141 comprised people having strong characters from 8 countries. My most considerable achievement at 141 was to bring the agency, after its 10 years in Vietnam, the very first prize “Best Use of Interactive Media” in July 2005 rewarded by “The Promotion Marketing Awards of Asia” thanks to an effective online campaign I had built for Heineken. However, since 141 was a “below-the-line” agency focusing on activation only, I had no chance to widen my expertise in above-the-line advertising, PR and other respects of brand building. Besides, I felt quite guilty when promoting cigarette products of BAT. Yet, I had no choice of handling another account since 141 had committed to spend 90% of its capacity for BAT. I then thought about leaving.

In September 2005, I excitingly started working for Prudential Vietnam as Brand & Communications assistant manager since this opened to me a broader scope of marketing work. Having remarkably contributed to building Prudential a leading brand in Vietnam through my key roles of planning and conducting advertising, promotion, PR campaigns, events & sponsorship activities and...

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