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Constructing Gender And Sexuality Essay

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Constructing Gender And Sexuality
Chapter Study Objectives
What Is Sex? What Is Gender?
• Compare and contrast the concepts of sex and gender.
==> Sex is a distinct category that someone belongs to male or female. Gender is not only the physical but also the behavioral personality traits that a group considers normal for its members.
Essentialist and Constructionist Approaches to Gender Identity
• Compare and contrast the essentialist and constructionist approaches to gender identity.
==> The essentialists believes that there can only be two categories, male or female, there is no exception. However constructionists believe that gender isn’t a dichotomy and that there can be more than ...view middle of the document...

Gender Role Socialization
• Identify some of the key ways that the four main agents of socialization (family, school, peers, media) impact our gender role socialization.
==> When we are babies we are already learning how to imitate the people around us. By the time we are 2 we learn genders and then we learn the roles associated with that gender from our family and we imitate that. In school we learn which gender is preferred, which gender is stronger, more intelligent. By high school we are learning how men and women “should” act in order to “popular” and “successful.” The media sets the standard for how we as women and men should be, what we should look like, what we should do, and how we should do it, in order to be “normal.”
Sex, Gender, and Life Chances
• Explain how sex and gender impact life chances related to health, family, crime, education, work, and the military.
==> Statistics show that sex and gender dictate what kind of life you lead, how long you live, what type of opportunities are afforded to you, and the risks/challenges you might face.
• Explain how language reflects cultural values and norms related to gender inequality.
==> The language that we use to describe things, people, places, is often sexist or masculine. The way we talk and label reflects our cultural values, men are held at a higher esteem which makes sense because “Man” is most often associated with titles such as policemen, fireman, etc…and if it is not said, then it is implied such as Executive, or...

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