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Construct And Support An Argument Essay

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Construct and Support an Argument
The decision to pursue and earn a Master of Business Administration (MBA) graduate degree is an important decision that will have far reaching positive influences in life and will assist in finding a new rewarding career. An MBA is one of the most important tools in the toolbox for a business, personnel, management, finance, human resource, and entrepreneurial careers. The critical success in the future of a career depends on the ability to be called on for knowledge, expertise, and advice, for which an MBA is the vehicle that will provide my career the means to that end state. A graduate with an MBA is stereotypically regarded as more ...view middle of the document...

The current global economy is in a state of flux with the United States suffering the lingering effects of a long recession coupled with high unemployment and stagnant growth. The of the recession's affect on employment, has left many companies with a large pool of talented potential employees to currently choose from the moment and some can afford to be choosy in their hiring. Job candidates are competing in a highly competitive environment against candidates from all over the world and need to have every possible advantage in their arsenal known as the resume. An MBA may lead the employer to view that particular candidate as having the edge over their peers.
Today’s MBA programs of instruction inculcate a Graduate-level mentality
during the entire program focusing on analytical stimulation and thought and encouraging creativity, communication skills, and logical reasoning. The student
learns presentation processes, methodologies, and social etiquette skills. An MBA
offers the opportunity to specialize and become a subject matter expert in one business discipline such as Project Management (Rapert, Smith, Velliquette, & Garretson, 2004, p. 20 ).
The MBA may get you where you want to go faster, and seems to be an important credential for upward mobility and advancement. This freedom applies a set of principal responsibilities that are upper echelon. Some of the opportunities an MBA degree may jump-start include: managing larger teams, running meetings, greater interaction with clients, more decision-making power, representing the company at events, more desired projects, and the responsibility for your own set of clients/projects (Hering, 2010 ).
According to the Jungian 16-Type Personality quiz, my traits perceived by others are ISFJ or introverted, sensing, feeling and judging. My strongest attributes under this score are loyalty, amiable, and willing to make sacrifices for the greater good. My career paths include a masseur, veterinarian, painter, mechanic, and/or clerical supervisor. My belief is that studies such as these may help those of us that wander through life not knowing their strengths or weakness. Personally, painting is the most awe full thing to do and is similar to being punished for doing wrong. Mechanic work is not bad only to the...

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