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Construct And Support An Argument Essay

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Construct and Support an Argument


Brian J Dunn




Workshop 2 Assignment
Due March 4, 2010
Submitted March 4, 2010

To pursue my MBA degree or not, that is the question? In the decision to pursue my MBA, there were other questions too. Do I feel like continuing my education, do I want to pay back the additional student loans, will a Masters degree increase my chances of a new career, promotions, or new opportunities? In this paper, I will construct and support an argument based on my decision to pursue my MBA. I will also include the results from the Jungian Personality self-assessment, which is a tool to ...view middle of the document...

I knew that I needed to return to school and acquire the proper credentials to show employers that I was qualified for the positions I would be seeking upon completion of school. There are additional certifications that must be obtained in addition to a 4-year degree in computer science. I must obtain these certifications to achieve the desired positions I am aiming for.
The decision to pursue my Master degree was a fairly easy one. I feel the MBA in conjunction with my computer certifications will allow me a better chance at employment and limitless geographic possibilities. Having the proper credentials would allow me and my family the chance to relocate should we desire. Credentials along with verifiable work experience should be substantial enough to relocate to an entirely new state if I felt the need.
Getting away from the water treatment profession some what to start a new career in computers kind of just happened somewhat as well. The environmental work I had been doing in the past was all contractual with term limits. I had planned to go to work for the state or the local water municipality operations here in town. I feel that my hands on knowledge and experience in the environmental field would make me a prime candidate for one of these positions. If not directly hired first by one of these companys to work in their IT department, I could surely work in the field until a position opened up in the IT department I could apply for. For me, this would be killing two birds with one stone so to speak. My true desire is to work with computers, my employment background up to this point has been water trearment, utilizing one or the other I felt would ultimately allow my to work with computers as every company nowadays has an IT department, maintaining the quality of living I had created for myself.
In looking at some statistics for that reflect the average annual earnings for college graduates and non-college graduates, it can be easily seen why I decided to pursue my MBA. The average salary for someone with some high school is: $20k; high school graduate: $26k; some college: $31k; Associate’s Degree: $33k; Bachelor’s Degree $43k; Master’s Degree: $53k; Doctoral Degree: $81k; Professional Degree: $70k ( These salary figures clearly portray the direct relationship between your collegiate education and your earning potential. I think it is fair to say my decision to return to school will benefit me long-term as well as assist me in these tough economic times.
The Jungian Personality self-assessment on how I am perceived by others rated me an ENTJ (Extraversion, iNtuition, Thinking, Judgment). The “E” means Extraversion, meaning I often feel motivated by interaction with people, that I generally enjoy a wide circle of acquaintances. The “N” means Intuition, it implies that I am more abstract than concrete and that I would rather focus on the big picture rather than details, the final product rather...

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