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Construct A Linux Host Firewall And Monitor For Ip Traffic

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LAB #9 | Construct a Linux Host Firewall and Monitor for IP Traffic


Construct a Linux Host Firewall and Monitor for IP Traffic
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Internal Firewall Policy Definition
Configure your “TargetUbuntu02” desktop Linux internal host IP stateful firewall according to the following policy definition. Test and validate your implementation after you configure it based on the policy definition. The following is your Ubuntu internal firewall policy definition: Deny incoming traffic Deny the following specific applications: TFTP Telnet SNMP ICMP FTP Allow the following specific applications ...view middle of the document...


LAB #9 | Construct a Linux Host Firewall and Monitor for IP Traffic
3. Given that the Ubuntu internal firewall is not installed by default, should you enable this firewall if your

organization already has a firewall? Why or why not?

4. How do you block specific ports and IP ranges from communicating via TCP/IP to and from your Ubuntu

Target VM using Gufw?

5. Other than Deny or Allow incoming connections, what other options are available in Ubuntu’s internal

firewall? Why would they include any additional option?

6. What usefulness is there in monitoring IP traffic to and from an individual workstation or server?

Assessment Worksheet
7. How are you going to test if your internal firewall configuration is working properly?


Construct a Linux Host Firewall and Monitor for IP Traffic

8. This is a two–part, real-world scenario question. Read the REQUIREMENTS section. Then, based on the

requirements, answer PART A with a technical solution using the tools demonstrated in this lab and answer PART B...

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