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Constitutional Timeline Essay

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Paul Herzog
Professor Deborah Macias
ELL Placement Assessments Essay
A student’s education is a critical time in their lives to learn and comprehend as much as possible. It is an even more critical time for ELL student’s to learn and comprehend the complexity and variety of vocabulary and phrases that may come with a new language. Schools and educators need to make sure that the right tests and assessments are in place to help determine where ELL students may or will need the most help in learning and comprehending a new language. By having the right placement tests for ELL students to take schools and educators will ensure that the ELL students get most benefit ...view middle of the document...

This running record allows the classroom teacher to show parents where their child is making progress and where their child may be struggling in areas. The teacher can then make suggestions for ways to work on those areas where the student may be struggling to help them gain better comprehension and learning.
Progress is measured in the classroom setting through three ways informal teacher observations, STAR progress monitoring, and PALS is used for younger students assessing their rhyming, sounds, and letter forming etc. The STAR progress monitoring assessment shows how a student has learned and progressed over a period of time. The PALS assessment determines how younger students have progressed from the start of the school year. Informal teacher observations allows the teacher to assess if a student is progressing or still struggling to comprehend the material being taught. This allows the teacher to make adjustments to the lesson plan or to the students’ instruction to better serve the students needs. When asked what students are tested for with PALS testing the teacher explained that letter and sound recognition and pronunciation are checked and corrected when needed. Rhyming was also explained as an area that is checked and the reason given was that the Spanish language does not rhyme when it is spoken. Many of the students in the school who are ELL students are Spanish speaking and learning the English language as their second language.
Oral language is assessed through students reciting sight words out loud or students having conversations. Teachers are also able to assess oral language through teacher and student interaction or conversation or through listening to the student read books or directions on the assignment. Standardized testing is handled through the use of ipads or computers. All the testing is done electronically either in the classroom or in the computer lab. The classroom teacher is the one who supervises the testing. The teacher does the exit testing to determine each student’s level of proficiency. If a student is proficient they move on to the next level or in the...

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