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Conspicuous Consumption Essay

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As quoted in “Veblen’s The Theory of the Leisure Class Conspicuous Consumption”. “In what has been said of the evolution of the vicarious leisure class and its differentiation from the general body of the working classes, reference has been made to a further division of labor that between the different servant classes. One portion of the servant class, chiefly those persons whose occupation is vicarious leisure, come to undertake a new, subsidiary range of duties—the vicarious consumption of goods. The most obvious form in which this consumption occurs is seen in the wearing of liveries and the ...view middle of the document...

You are treated in a different way depending on the way you look. Sometimes it is a crucial point of your successful career, personal relations and general positive perception. An important part in the appearance of a person plays his /her clothes. That is why nowadays, just like in the past, clothing is such a highly appreciated human value .But people often overestimate the values of things. The upper society is influenced by the concept of conspicuous consumption in many aspects of life. They do and purchase things just to show off, without understanding their real values. Among the examples of conspicuous consumption is the habit of buying extremely expensive clothes. The value of closing is a utility that is compromised by the fashion trends and conspicuous consumption. Around the world some people buy expensive designers clothes because it complies with a wealthy way of life. They want to show they are rich and successful. They buy expensive clothing not because it is comfortable but because it is a kind of mark of the wealthy people, who are actually expected to buy such things. Women wear exclusive business suits and dresses to look beautiful, rich and powerful. The utility of the closing is a trivial issue for fashionable ladies, who spend most of their time and money in chase of designers ' clothes. This holds true nowadays just like it was true a century ago.

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