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Considering The Consequences Is More Important Than Following The Rules (10 Marks)

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‘Considering consequences is more important than following rules’ Discuss.

When humans are deciding on the right course of action, they naturally consider the consequences of what they’re about to do. This is thought to be because considering consequences allows us to go beyond our personal thoughts, and to think beyond the effects that could not just only happen to ourselves, but to consider the effects of our actions on others.
I agree with the statement that considering consequences of our actions is more important than following rules because firstly, to consider consequences it means using our inner self conscience. Using our inner conscience is the most important thing to me when making a decision. I think this because conscience is greatly linked to morality, and it’s our inner voice, telling us what is right and what is wrong. Christians come to the conclusion that God gave each and every one of us morality, as God is goodness, and without being good, he would cease to ...view middle of the document...

Do they follow the rules, or do they go against them and consider the consequences and outcomes instead? In most countries euthanasia is illegal, so going through with it would be breaking the law, but surely using their conscience and situation ethics; killing them would be the most loving thing to do right? If they followed the rules and didn’t go through with it, a person who they love would just be left to die painfully instead of painlessly; so in this case following rules isn’t the most important thing to do, it’s considering the later consequences.
However, some people may disagree with me and say that following the rules when coming to a decision is more important than considering the consequences. This is because consequences are always difficult to predict with any accuracy, and so cannot be more important than following absolute, general ethical rules. Furthermore, some people would argue that thinking of the consequences isn’t actually the consequences; so why risk making a decision based on indefinite consequences and break the rules, when you can just follow the rules and know for definite that the intention of the act was good.
However, this could be argued with again because people could say that some absolute rules can become outdates throughout time and between different cultures. For example; euthanasia is legal in Switzerland but illegal in England. This shows that if you follow absolute rules, they could be outdated without you even knowing so it wouldn’t be the best thing to do because considering potential consequences that are probably going to happen is better than following rules that may lack accuracy.
To conclude, I think that using rules is useful up to a point because some people do feel the need to have a universal truth that transcends cultures and history, and the need for a set of absolute rules that applies to all people regardless of the consequences. However, I don’t think that it is the most important thing because I believe that considering the consequences for the simple reason that if someone was to follow rules, ir could have accidental effects on others, and I think that’s selfish. Therefore, considering consequences is more important than following rules because considering the consequences is the most loving thing to do and if you think about it, it’s morally right to do in the long term.

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