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Consideration Of New Procedures Report

1223 words - 5 pages

Bangor Area High School Slater Band Boosters
Sept. 9, 2012
Consideration of New Procedures Report

Alfred J Haines Consultant

Table of Contents

Executive Summary 3
Introduction 4
Problem Statement 4
Method used 4
Gmail 4
Google Calendar 4
Google Docs/Drive 4
Google Groups 4
Conclusion 4
Recommendation 4
Resources: 5

To: Bangor Area High School Slater Band Boosters 2012-2013 Board members

President Laraine ; Vice-President Linda ; Secretary Wendy and Treasurer Cynthia

Executive Summary
Google Services has developed four keys ways to organize data and communications and the use of these tools can improve how fund-raising committees function. The ...view middle of the document...

This report has been compiled and submitted free of charge by a local consulting firm, American Linux Service, as a service to the community.
Problem Statement
Our current notification system is hit and miss with calls to cell-phones and emails to several email providers. A missed voice-mail or a bad cell-phone connection can cause confusion in the details of scheduling our fund raisers. Paper calendars are a great way to organize your day if you remember to check it every day, an all too busy day may result in a missed appointment. Use of private email addresses by group members may have privacy issues that can expose members to unintentional spam.
Method used
The Method used to arrive at this these recommendations was based on an in-house use of said services. The employees of American Linux Services have evaluated several cloud solutions over a ten year period and have adopted the Google Home & Business Services as an in-house standard for the following reasons.
Why use a Google Account? A Google Account lets you organize and access your personal information from any computer or mobile device:
Synchronize and back up everything. Whether you draft an email, add an event to your calendar, or add a friend's address, your work gets backed up continuously by Google and synchronized with any computer where you use the same Google Account.
Access from anywhere. Check your latest calendar, email, text messages, or social stream, no matter what computer or mobile device you're using.
Keep your stuff secure and available. Google works round the clock to protect your personal data from unauthorized access and to ensure that you get it when you need it, wherever you need it.
Use other Google services. Your Google Account also lets you take full advantage of other Google apps and services that you may want to use, such as Gmail, Google Maps, Navigation, Google Play, YouTube, Google Talk, Messaging, and more. (Android OS Help 2012)
The use of a Gmail address for the group ensures that we have a consistent address that our members can recognize. The address will remain with the group over the years and can managed by any board members. In the event that one member is ill or otherwise unable to send notifications another can easily fill in. Added privacy and protection from spam. Gmail can be managed on-line or by your favorite email program on any computer, tablet or phone.
Google Calendar
When an event is added to the On-Line Calendar a request for attendees to the event is made. A group can be selected and all members of the group will be notified by Gmail to the details of the event. Reminders are sent in accordance to the...

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