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Consideration For Ethics And Diversity Proposal

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Individual Instructions & Assignment Consideration for Ethics and Diversity Proposal | Choose two ethical considerations and two diversity considerations that could potentially impact the division of the company selected for your team project.Write a 350-500 word proposal for your HR Director.Provide details about what the considerations are. Justify why they were important for your strategic HRM planning process. Provide recommendations for addressing these considerations.Suggest specific recommendations for best practices for dealing with each consideration. Provide a rationale.Format your proposal consistent with APA guidelines. Supporting sources: Course content readings and University of Phoenix Library. | Day 7 (Monday) | 15 |
Ethical Considerations of Marketing Research
by Terry Masters, Demand Media
Marketing research has experienced a resurgence with the widespread use of the Internet and the popularity of social networking. It ...view middle of the document...

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Deceptive Practices
The ease with which a company can access and gather data about its customers can lead to deceptive practices and dishonesty in the company's research methods. This type of ethical problem can run the gamut — from not telling customers that information is being collected when they visit a website to misrepresenting research numbers by changing database numbers. Any action that uses lies and deception to find out or establish information about consumers falls under this category.
Invasion of Privacy
One of the most serious ethical considerations involved in market research is invasion of privacy. Companies have an unprecedented ability to collect, store and match information relating to customers that can infringe on a customer's right to privacy. In many instances, the customer does not know or understand the extent of the company's infiltration into his life. The company uses this information to reach the customer with targeted advertising, but the process of targeting can have a chilling affect on personal freedom.
Importance of Diversity in Marketing
by Bridgette Austin, Demand Media
Companies and organizations should first develop a thorough understanding of diversity, its challenges and benefits before embarking on a strategy that targets a specific audience. For example, marketers should conduct extensive market research to avoid grouping target customers who share the same gender, race or ethnicity. The University of Florida publication “Ethnic Marketing: A Strategy for Marketing Programs to Diverse Audiences” suggests companies to evaluate environmental, economic and social factors within ethnic groups to shape and refine marketing strategies. Recognizing that consumers have unique qualities that extend beyond elements such as race and valuing these differences through various advertising and communications channels help make marketing campaigns a success. Companies should also ensure their marketing messages to diverse target groups are authentic and accurately reflect cultural norms and traditions.

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