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Conserve Essay

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Name: Cheng Huang Sheng
Student ID: i11008172
Lecturer: Miss Liew Heong Shya

Converse Shoes Marketing Concept
Converse is one of the most famous shoes brands in the world. Having different collections of every day shoes, it is a high selling brand with fans mainly of the young ages but with various social, economic or styling diversities.

Converse is taking five management alternative marketing concepts under which their company design and carry out their marketing strategies. They hold five marketing concepts and philosophies to conduct their market in order to make higher attainments and use lower resources.

First of all, the product concept the idea that consumers will favour product that are available anywhere market and the target to everyone can highly affordable to purchases the products. Besides that, the organisation will focus on improving production and distribution efficiency in order to satisfy customer need and ...view middle of the document...

However, focusing only on the company’s product can also lead to marketing myopia. For instance, the organization mistake of paying more attention to the specific product offers than to the benefits and experiences produces by these products. As the organization do not know that consumer desired and need , if the organization focus on product improvement they may lose promotion and customers feedback .It will be caused the sale lower volume, because organization do not know how to improve or change their product.

Thirdly, the selling concept the idea that the consumers will prefer the organization product if it undertakes a large-scale selling and promotion effort .For example, A Converse manufacturing produce a large of product, and distribute to every supplies. The supplies get the distribution, they will make some promotion to let consumer know these product is exists at market. After that, the product sold out ,the commission will be charged by supplies. The rest profit is belong to manufacturing companies.

Fourthly , marketing concept as the marketing management philosophy that holds that achieving organizational goals depends on knowing the needs and want of target markets and delivering the desired satisfactions better than competitors do. For Example: Converse shoes organization they research the market need and wants. Such as some of consumer will favour to casual and sport shoes .Converse organization they try to satisfy consumer desired in order to attract difference customers.

Lastly, societal marketing concept the idea that a company’s marketing decision should consider consumer’s want, the company’s requirements, consumer’s long run interest, and society’s long run interest. For example: Societal marketing concept is consider wide area, this is related everyone interest. Converse organization can famous at every country because they consider the price, need and wants. If the selling price too high, some consumer will not purchase Converse product. Otherwise, some products are not quality, consumer may consider buy or do not buy. That is damage consumer benefits and organization benefit.

In my conclusion, none can be dispensed with all concepts. As this is related organization performance and consumer benefits .

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