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Conservative Or Liberal: My Choice Essay

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Conservative or Liberal: My Choice
Angela J Flemister
Liberty University

Conservative or Liberal: My Choice
A political ideology is a closely linked set of beliefs about politics. Political ideologies offer their adherents well organized theories that propose goals for the society and the means by which those goals can be achieved. (Americian Government pg.18) The two most common ideologies that come to my mind are the conservatism and liberalism, to in nonprofessional terms Republican and Democrat. The two parties differ in what they believe. The beliefs of one are totally opposite to the next. George Lakoff (Moral Politics) penned this book which simply asks “How Liberals and ...view middle of the document...

However what I find quite interesting is that the special interests groups that we take into consideration are biased. The ACU (American Conservative Union) and the CC (Christian Coalition) favor the conservative side of the coin. The ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) and the ADA (Americans for Democratic Action support the other side of the coin, the Democrats. Being able to study and view how my incumbent votes affords me the opportunity to compare and to contrast using the scales of the special interests groups.
John Phillip “Phil” Gingrey is a U.S Representative for Georgia’s 11th congressional district, serving since 2003. Phillip Gingrey is a Republican. His voting record sounds off that he is conservative and rarely sides with the other people. David A. Scott is the U.S Representative for Georgia’s 13th congressional district serving since 2003. He is a member of the Democratic party. David Scott served in the Georgia House of Representatives from 1974-1982, the Georgia State Senate from 1982-2002.

Referring back to the book by George Lakoff, he poses a number of scenarios in hopes of showing the vast differences of the two parties and the two Congressmen.

Conservatives are opposed to welfare and to government funds funds for the needy but are in favor of government funds going to victims of floods, fires and earthquakes who are in need. Why is this not contradictory? Now liberals on the other hand support welfare and education proposals to aid children yet they sanction the murder of children by supporting the practice of abortion. Is this not contradictory? Gingrey and Scott have voting records that clearly state their positions and loudly affirms which party they are affiliated with.

Gingrey has the support of or is supported by the ACU and the CC. Gingrey has a percentage rating of 100% within both public interest groups. David Scott on the other hand has a rating of 4.0 for the ACU and 0% within the CC. Moving further David Scott has a somewhat favorable score when it comes to the ACLU of 40%. Phil Gingrey has 0%. The ADA gives David Scott a 90% rating with Phil Gingrey showing a percentage of just 5%. So what does all of this say? Well what this...

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