Consequences Of Watching Excessive Television On Physical And Mental Health

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The implications of watching too much TV are many and great. All aspects of our lives are affected by watching excessive amounts of TV from our health to our personal relationships and overall quality of life. This article explores the various effects and consequences of spending too much time in front of the TV.
An overwhelming number of studies have linked increased number of hours watching TV and incidence of childhood obesity. Watching too much TV fosters physical inactivity and decreased mental stimulation. Also, many of the foods advertised on TV targeted towards children promote consumption of foods with high fat and sugar content. Sedentary lifestyle along with poor diet causes ...view middle of the document...

Development of social skills are likely to be hindered as children spend more time in front of the TV and less time interacting and playing with other children. In adult life, this habit can lead to reclusiveness and antisocial behavior, which can ultimately lead to depression.
The act of watching TV can seem harmless but the consequences of too much can negatively affect all aspects of our lives. Children should be encouraged to watch less TV and engage more in mentally and physically stimulating activities in their free time. Parents should promote daily reading and writing activities outside of the school curriculum. Simple activities, such taking children to the park where they can play and interact with other children, are greatly beneficial to a child’s social and physical development. It is crucial for parents to understand the negative consequences and engage their children in activities that promote development of excellent habits. These habits, carried on into adulthood, lead to healthier, more fulfilled lives.
action that will lead to success. This process is not an easy one and requires a lot of brainstorming, research and creativity. According to Clawson (2009),“This vision does not come overnight, it’s the result of lots of reading, lots of scanning, lots of conversations, and lots of thinking.” (p. 6)
A major responsibility of the physician leader is to identify weaknesses in the plan of action. He or she must be able to recognize that no system is perfect and there is always room for improvement. The physician leader must create an environment where improvement can thrive. Part of creating this type of atmosphere requires acknowledging the fact that not everything will go according to plan, mistakes will be made and to include the team in formulating solutions. The physician leader must be able to take charge in such situations, maintain composure in emergency situations, and give hope while implementing appropriate protocol, assessing the situation and reaching decisions with input from the entire team. Sir Ernest Shackleton, the protagonist in Lansing’s Endurance, embodied this ability. According to Lansing (2007)“…when you are in a hopeless situation, when there seems no way out, get down on your knees and pray for Shackleton.” (p. 14). The team leader must also provide motivation and inspiration, because without them productivity will suffer. Never lose...

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