Cons Side Of Medical Marijuana Essay

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Con Side of Debate Summary
BCOM/275 - Business Communications and Critical Thinking
December 4th, 2014.
Willetra Brittian

Con Side of Debate Summary
Medical Cannabis use is a controversial topic for many people, despite its multiple benefits; people against its medical use will find the way to prohibit it in the United States. Individuals against medical cannabis have concerns regarding its risk in the immune system, pulmonary problems, hormones, mental health, and the risk of bacterial, fungus, or viral infection (National Academy of Science, 1999). Even though any patient has not confirmed this hypothesis, Scientifics investigation suggested that cannabis has no significant good ...view middle of the document...

Though there are multiple cases of the drug helping patients wight the drug, there are a lot of factors that could potentially hurt the user of cannabis. There are no facts showing how cannabis cures epilepsy, there is a factor of smoking cannabis, and cannabis has been known to be a gateway drug for patients. Millions of smokers die each year in relation to smoking tobacco. Thus, smoking cannabis could have the same impact on the lungs as the way tobacco impacts the lungs. Cannabis cigarettes a day are associated with the same evidence of acute and chronic bronchitis and the same degree of damage to the bronchial mucosa as 20 or more tobacco cigarettes a day (2013). There are multiple addicts to this drug as there are to other drugs, but marijuana is viewed as a gateway drug by the population. Craving for marijuana, decreased appetite, sleep difficulty, and weight loss reliably changed across the smoking and abstinence phases. Aggression, anger, irritability, restlessness, and strange dreams increased significantly during one abstinence phase, but not the other. Thus, this increases in the likelihood of cocaine and heroin use and drug dependence are also apparent for those who initiate use of marijuana at any later age (2013). Until doctors can prove the benefits of cannabis, people should really look at the possibilities of the drug being a problem for consumers.
In efforts to sidestep potentially harmful effects of smoking marijuana, pharmaceutical companies have attempted to develop drugs that can be taken by other routes that target cannabinoids receptors in the brain. Only two options are currently available in the United States, dronabinol and nabilone, synthetic THC that target the cannabinoids receptor in the brain (Johannigman, 2013). However, their use is strictly limited by the narrow gap between...

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